Strengthen, Tone, Feel Lighter and Energised



Would you like to :

  Build muscle definition and strengthen your core

  Feel energised, focussed and productive throughout the day

  Improve your cardio and gain power in your body

  Have a workout regimen that supports your weight management journey

   Deepen your pilates knowledge and feel more confident in your practice

Then this Dynamic Pilates series 2 is for you.

Let’s get you feeling stronger, lighter and more energised!

Price £44


please note conversion rates may vary


Due to the nature of the content (digital) once purchased the course is NON REFUNDABLE

This course is IT. Challenging, fun and effective. As someone who struggles a lot just existing in my body the fact that Isa is the way she is, sunshine-y, gracious, involved, and involving makes any challenge seem manageable. Her energy rubs off on anyone. People often say it’s all about the journey. It’s all about the guide. 


Isa gets straight into the work with clear, succinct directions all delivered in her inimitable style. So much good stuff crammed into 20-30 minutes! Each session feels different. It helps me feel part of a community at a time where I am still stuck at home with small kids, and with precious little time to attend classes. More please!


What’s on the curriculum?

Introduction Video

How to use the course

All classes are  25 to 35min

Pilates Class 1

This first-class is a sweaty cardio-based class. We define and build power in the legs.

Pilates Class 2

In this pilates with weights class, we focus on toning the arms and upper body

Pilates Class 3

 You have a strong core but is it stable? This slower-paced Pilates class will help you build serious power and core stability.

Pilates Class 4

A mostly standing class, we work on defining the arms and sculpting your legs with some fun and creative combos. Another class that will test and strengthen your stability

Pilates Class 5

We are taking it back to some popular classical pilates combos with some added twist and a good dose of shakes to get you feel energised and fantastic.

Daily Stretch

A yummy 20min full-body stretch for the days you want to take it easy


1h pre-recorded Feel good live class 

Yep, give me the goods, I’m ready to energise my body

I love the creativity and originality of your moves. They work so many areas of my body that don’t get touched. Also I love how one thing flows into another and that you include a slow progress into each exercise. I love the stretching breaks too. You keep me mindful of how I am moving.


I discovered Isa on Youtube and fell in love with her style. This course is the perfect way to take it to the next level. I feel stronger, more confident and have a better awareness of my body. And her mix of flows and stretches keeps you from getting too sore, so you can keep going the next day. Highly recommend!


Price 44£


please note conversion rates may vary


Due to the nature of the content (digital) once purchased the course is NON REFUNDABLE

Meet Your Teacher

In 2007, while on tour with the british band Take That as one of their backing dancers, the tour manager advised I took up Pilates to prevent reccurrent injuries.

Though at first skeptical, I quickly became addicted to its magical healing benefits and saw my body transformed before my eyes.

Pilates is one of the most powerful physical practices to strengthen and rehabilitate the body and I have myself experienced it many times over.

My name is Isa-Welly and as well as teaching pilates, I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Wellness coach.

This series combines everything I love: movement, fun, groove and a cheeky sweat. A combination that will strengthen, energise your body and make your soul dance

How to use the course???

Week 1 – Do each class once in the right order Monday to Friday or any other 5 days of the week. Rest and stretch over the weekend.

Repeat the same process on week 2 to 4. 

This means you will have repeated each class 4 times.

You have access to this course for ONE YEAR, but do start as soon as you have it and keep me posted on your progress.

Though you can start without, I recommend you have the below props to make the most out of the course:

  • a set of dumbells
  • a small pilates ball

This course is a self-study course, which you can access anywhere in the world. It has no geographic restriction and is a digital course.

The classes are hosted on a digital platform that will require you to have access to the internet and a computer/iPad device. 

You can take this course in your own time, at your own rhythm. 

The course has really made me more energetic.  The classes are the perfect length to fit into a busy schedule while still feeling like I’ve done something good for my body!


Price 44£

($55 USD)

please note conversion rates may vary


Due to the nature of the content (digital) once purchased the course is NON REFUNDABLE

Is this course for YOU???

This course is for you if


  • You are ready to take your workout regime to the next level
  • You want to tone and strengthen your body
  • You want 30min class you can fit in your daily life
  • You want a workout routine that will help you build power while gaining flexibility

This course is NOT for you if


  • You have not done any form of exercise in the past 12months
  • You have had recent surgery, sciatica, nerve damage, accident, injury
  • You have not been cleared by your doctor to exercise

How will you feel after repeating this series 4x

  • You will feel lighter in your body
  • You will gain whole body strength and flexibility
  • You will feel energised if you do them daily or 5x a week
  • You will want MOOOORE….. 🙂

The course includes

  • 5 classes
  • A 20min stretch
  • A 1h pre recorded live class as a bonus

A fantastic course! I can easily fit the workouts into my day and they make me sweat just as much as a HIIT workout! I love Isa Welly’s classes. My body is so much stronger from doing an hour each week for some time now but this course means I can fit in even more Pilates training every week! If you want a challenging workout that builds strength and burns calories I would highly recommend this course. Isa Welly is a beautiful human being and her expertise is worth every penny!


Isa Welly is a total original. She makes fitness fun, challenging, and feel new. I love her creative and mindful approach to the pilates tradition. Her videos make it easy and simple to show up for myself from home. I highly recommend her courses. 


This course is challenging but also so approachable and do-able. It got me back into doing Pilates on the daily. I love Isa’s classes. They are the most authentic course and videos I have ever done. I share her page with anyone that will hear it!


I am always so thrilled to move my body with Isa. Her Pilates videos, classes and courses have become a part of my daily routine and an important part of my self care routine. Whether you’re a brand new beginner or someone with experience in Pilates, Isa’s classes are a really fun way to connect with your body. 


I was looking for a daily, do-able fitness routine that I could fit into my hybrid and ever-changing work day. I found this series an ideal combination of easy-to-access expertise and do-able, engaging challenge. I appreciate Isa’s clear instructions and approachable, warm guidance.


Price 44£

($55 USD)

please note conversion rates may vary


Due to the nature of the content (digital) once purchased the course is NON REFUNDABLE

Frequently asked questions

I didn't do the Series 1, can I do this one or will I be lost?

Yes, you can. Series 2 is NOT a progression of Series 1 so you will be absolutely fine doing this series. Though they complement each other well, they are both different. 

I don’t live in the UK, can I still do this course?

Yes you can access the course from anywhere in the world as long as you have a digital device with access to the internet

Are the videos on youtube or video?

No, the classes are hosted on a learning platform via my website.

Do I need props for this course?

Yes, you do. A small pilates ball, 2 small dumbells

Can I be refunded if the classes are not working for me?

No, the course is non-refundable because it’s a digital course. If you are on the fence, I suggest you try my power pilates class to have a feel of my teaching style and what to expect

I've had surgery/sciatica/nerve damage, can I do this course?

No, this course is not safe for you if you are injured and have had recent surgery. You will need the all-clear of your doctor. Your doctor has to give you a written or verbal consent stating you are safe to practice Pilates in a group setting WITHOUT supervision

How long do I have access to this course?

1 Year

Price 44£

($55 USD )

please note conversion rates may vary


Due to the nature of the content (digital) once purchased the course is NON REFUNDABLE

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