Zucchini Muffins
Zucchini Muffins have been a life saviour for me! It’s so hard on a candida diet to come up with good breakfasts that don’t actually make you want to sob..lol !  Since you can’t have sugar including fruits you pretty much have to stick to savoury!

Luckily Muffins can also be made with grounded almonds! These are really filling, and absolutely delicious if you season them well!

I have different recipes, but this is one of the easiest ones and my favourite so far. I’ve experimented this time and added Chicken. It came out quite well but you don’t really taste the chicken as such. So feel free to add a bit more if you wish

These Zucchini muffins are great to do over the weekend! Keep a stash for the week ahead.

I love eating mine with a side of Avocado but they also go well with a salad or a side of greens  for lunch.

So for the Zucchini Muffins,  you will need

1 cup of Almond meal

2 eggs

1 Zucchini cut in small bits

5 cherry tomatoes  also cut in teeny bits

Shredded Chicken (optional)

1 tbsp Olive Oil

1tsp Salt

1tsp Oregano (dried)




Saute  the vegetables and set aside.

In another pan Saute the chicken breast, season it with salt and oregano. Once cooked, let it cool down for a few minutes then shred it.

Mix the shredded chicken with the veg and add more salt and oregano

In a bowl mix Almond Meal, Olive Oil and both eggs. Stir well.

Add the vegetables to the almond mixture and stir again.

Grease your muffin tray and add the mixture.

Cook at 180 degres for about 10min.



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