Wild Salmon and Asparagus
I came across this Wild Salmon and Asparagus recipe online while I was searching for different ways to cook Asparagus.

Asparagus is in the season in London at the moment so it’s nice to make the most out of it.

This Oven Baked recipe is so easy, quick, healthy which makes it a perfect dinner option.

It’s a 3min prep and a 20min in the oven

Enjoy! x

Stack them on your Foil and drizzle with Olive Oil and Salt

Place your Wild Salmon on top of the Asparagus and add salt, olive oil and Thyme

Normally you wouldn’t eat Garlic with this dish, but because of my candida I’ve been eating plenty and putting it everywhere!

Feel free to skip the garlic. It will still taste delicious

Fold the foil over the salmon and leave some room for it to breathe.

Make sure the foil is correctly closed, as you don’t want the Oil to leak and you want the maximum flavour kept in your dish.

Put in on your over tray and bake at 175 for 15min to 20min

Once cooked, Take it out of the oven, Squeeze some lemon and Serve


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