What is Self Care for you?
Self Care….

I believe Self care comes from a deep understanding of who you are so you can do what you need to accommodate YOU.

Because if you don’t know yourself, acknowledge your needs, how are you gonna care for you?

Self care in the age of social media looks like bath, candles, crystals, meditation, and a pretty clean meal. While all of them absolutely have their place in one’s self care routine, they’re only the little cherries on the top. The real work starts deep within without distraction,just YOU.

The more you know yourself, the better you will be able to care about you.

Self care starts with creating an environment positive to your wellness and growth. Environment both internal (your home, your friends) and external (work…). Who and what do you give your energy to?

Self care is also knowing that you deserve the best there is and allowing yourself to access it.

Self care is knowing when to stop sit and relax.

Self care is saying ENOUGH when YOU are letting others take too much

Self care is dealing with your deepest fears so you can create space for love to come in. It is choosing love over fear

Self care is choosing YOU first.

Self care is self love, self preservation, self awareness

Who are your friends, where do you put your energy, what is it that you don’t deal with that is holding you back? what worries are occupying space in your head?

Care for yourself.

There is no right or wrong, it’s different for everybody.


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