Watermelon Bliss
Watermelon Smoothie

This right here, is the only thing you need to get through the summer! It’s refreshing and is a healthier replacement to fizzy drinks full of processed sugars.

Watermelon also has plenty of benefits, believe it or not. First of all because of it’s rich water and fibre content, it promotes a healthy digestive tract. Watermelon also contains a fair amount of Calcium and Potassium which helps the kidney flush out toxins out of our bodies!

And these are only a few of the benefits! So grab your Watermelon and eat or drink it away!

For 1 Glass, Cut a quarter a Watermelon , add 5 mint leaves and a 2 lime Juices and pass it through your blender 10seconds!

And off you go with your Summer Drink! Night time, add a cheeky shot of your favourite liquor 😉

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