Use these 5 easy tips to avoid cold & flu this winter
Winter can be generally taxing on the body, especially if your immune system is already struggling a little bit. But there are ways to support it. This is the time of the year, where you can start prepping your body for the colder days, by boosting your immune system and making sure you are treating your body right. Here are five key things I like to focus on
1. Sleep well and enough Sleep is always a hot subject and I feel like there’s still a stigma around it. I don’t know about you but I used to be super embarrassed to admit that I needed 8 hours of sleep, because it wasn’t really rock’n’roll. There should be no shame in knowing your body’s limits and how much sleep it needs to properly recharge. Research suggests that 8 hours of sleep is ideal, however there are people who need more and some a little less. And also sleep is not only a natural thing but it is as vital as eating or pooping! So get your sleep on girlfriend!
2. Greens. Green leafy vegetables and cruciferous are packed with nutrients that will sustain your body’s immune system and help you fight colds, flu and infections naturally. Have them as raw as possible to make the most of them. In a smoothie, lightly steamed, or as a salad, the possibilities are endless with greens

3. Exercise makes you feel good inside out and support your immune system as well as your energy levels. Go at it. 

4. Cold showers or swim. I know an array of people who swear that because they swim in the hampstead pond everyday they never get sick. To be honest I never really understood the reasoning why and never tried either. I actually used to hate cold showers. But that was until I learnt, that cold showers/water increased our number of white cells. Trust me I quickly sucked it up and started having cold showers. Anything to boost my immune system naturally (and practically free!) I’m in it.  And it’s actually not that bad. Start with a hot shower and finish with a cold one. If I can do it, you definitely can too 😉

5. Supplements if needed. I do believe in getting our nutrients via food first if we can but realistically, not all of us have the ability/possibility to do so. You may be depleted of a nutrient because of stress or because of a condition or malabsorption. Either way if you are suspecting a deficiency, get a blood test at your gp or privately and ask your nutritionist or a health advisor to help you with the best supplement type and brand. Some to look out for that are quite important and frequently deficient are Iron, Vitamin D, B vitamins especially B12 if you are vegan, Zinc, Magnesium… 

Which one of these five tips can you start applying straight away? Share below in the comments x

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