A 12-month holistic experience for YOU
the creative, the entrepreneur who wants to build healthier habits into your busy lifestyle so that both you and your business can THRIVE.

Get ready to use food, movement, mindset and self development tools to do your best creative work and achieve bigger things in Life.

You’re not just another human with dreams and goals.

You have a vision with a meaningful purpose for both your life and the work you want to put out into this world.

And even though holding that vision, laying the bricks of your career and business can be challenging at times, you go for it because you believe in it.

But sometimes, it feels like you’re barely surviving.

…so some of your days end up looking like this ↓

  • Waking up and have a coffee and a toast…only to have your energy crash mid morning
  • Spending long, sedentary hours at your desk without breaks, leaving you tired, and making your whole body feel sluggish
  • Skipping meals because you’re too busy or unprepared to plan ahead
  • Losing creativity and passion for work because you don’t have the focus or energy to do it all.

But with a recent health awakening you now know that you can’t keep going on like this

You know that it’s time to get your health on your side so you can keep showing up feeling focused, energised, and motivated to do your best creative work and keep building your business.

Your Health Isn’t Some Afterthought.
It’s The Most Valuable Player Of Your Life and Business.

You’ve tried out different nutrition habits and lifestyle changes before….

…….and it felt so freaking good !!!
You were rested, focused, energised, and felt like your body was fuelled and ready to go.

Now it’s time for that to stop being a fleeting week or month, and start becoming your ordinary

Become the creative who breaks the cycle of sacrificing your health and wellbeing in exchange for business success.


Because you get to have both. Strong health and successful business.

The reason why you’ve not been able to build consistency is because….

  • You are overwhelmed and distracted. With the amount of conflicting information online, it’s really easy to get confused and distracted by new shiny diets and supplements!
  • Everything online assumes you have endless time and energy. You need a tailored program that understands that you’re a busy entrepreneur who is tight on time, has an erratic schedule…
  • You’ve gotten support but it’s been short-lived. You’ve joined a course or program before, but after a few weeks you went back to your old habits. You need a place to go to feel supported, have accountability and build  healthy habits over time
  • You have no consistent support nor accountability

What would it feel like to…..


  • Experience energy and productivity all day long (not just after your morning coffee…)
  • Be able to prep quick nourishing meals with ease so you always have foods on hand even on busy days
  • Know how to eat to lower inflammation, build longevity and improve your mood
  • Have and be able to rely on simple daily habits that fits into your irregular schedule
  • Know how to prioritise your health and wellbeing even when things are crazy busy
  • Reach your health goals with ease
  • Feel abundantly healthy…the real wealth!

Your health makes you money NOT your business

Here is the deal

Your vision needs fuel. And that fuel comes from within you
When you are depleted, you can’t show up as fully as you could. You can’t bring the vision to life in the grandeur that it deserves !

Your creativity, your business, your life need YOU to have Energy.

Bold Visions Need Big Energy

It’s time to reclaim your energy and vitality and craft a lifestyle that aligns seamlessly with your vision.

Introducing Thrive

The 12-month holistic health experience for the creative, the entrepreneur who is ready to build healthy habits around food, movement, and mindset so you can do your best creative work and achieve bigger things in life


Build energy and vitality to fuel your business and life purpose.

Over the next 12 months you will learn how to

Fuel your body with the right foods and create a better relationship with nutrition

Use the power of foods to heal and energise body and mind

Create consistent daily habits that in the end make YOUR health bank

Prioritise your wellbeing not at the depends of your business but as a tool to grow it!

Use self-development tools to elevate your mindset and grow your business and income

Challenge your thoughts and beliefs so you can get out of your own way and THRIVE

Each month, we dive into a specific health or wellbeing topic

  • July “How To Create Sustainable Habits”
    that are long-lasting and  support you and your business
  • August “Eliminate Environmental Toxins”
    to boost your health, balance hormones and reduce the chances of disease
  • September “How To Build Strong Gut Health” using Nutrition and lifestyle tools to build immune resilience
  •  October: “Creating balance” Learn to set boundaries to increase your wellbeing and your productivity.
  •  November: “Heal the imflammation” How to recognise inflammation and prevent it
  •  December: “Balancing your hormones”Learn to eat for healthy and happy hormones

The following months’ focuses include: Building Immune resilience, Skin health, Setting boundaries and increasing productivity,  Stress resilience and mental health….

Here is what you get every month

A meal prep plan

  • With meal ideas that fit the busiest days
  • With easy and quick meal prep process
  • Easy and achievable recipes (no chef’s hat required)
  • Flexible ingredients you can swap to fit your dietary preferences
  • You’ll always know how to pull together a healthy and balanced plate of food

Short educational audios 

  • Short and digestible
  • Understand key nutrition fundamentals  so you can make decisions that fuel your health.
  • Snappy audios of 5-7mn, easy to download and listen on the go
  • 2-4 audios a month depending on the theme


A Mindset coaching audio 

  • Monthly audio to help you take action
  • Learn to challenge your mindset and current beliefs around food and wellbeing
  • Learn to get out of your own way and get results
  •  Build boundaries and learn how you can say “no”
  •  Build more self-love and body-appreciation into your journey
  • Journaling prompts

Sustainable business tips

  • Tips and tools to build a sustainable career and business 
  • Work and Life balance
  • Ceativity, Inspiration, Motivation
  • Creating a business that feels truly aligned 
  • How to avoid burnout while building your business or side hustle
  • Financial wellbeing 

2 movement classes

  • Quick pre-recorded classes
  • 10 to 30 min easy to fit in your day
  • Give you a boost of creativity and productivity
  • Reset your energy, release and remove tension
  • Pilates, Fitness, Yoga, Barre, Meditation..
  • Guest Teachers

Live Q&A 

  • Bring your thoughts, feelings, challenges
  • I’ll help you explore, shift, and clarify.
  • A monthly place to check in, ask questions, celebrate and make sure you are staying on track
  • Recording available 24h post live

Community Access (Facebook)

  • Support and accountability
  • Weekly check ins and prompts from me
  • Daily support during our challenges
  • Meal and life inspo from myself and other members
  • The power of community is unlike others. This is where action and transformation happens
  • By being surrounded by other ambitious and driven women, you’ll expand your ideas around health and see that you can be productive AND put your health first

PLUS ....

4 challenges in the year to kickstart new habits

  • Sugar Detox -. You’ll learn to rebalance your sugar intake and notice an improvement in your energy levels and a boost your immune system (June)
  • Kitchen Detox – Healthy meals start with a toxin-free kitchen. Removing environmental toxins for optimal health and balanced hormones (August)
  • Gut Health – Let’s rebalance your gut. We’ll boost your microbiome for stronger immune system and health (October)
  • Movement & Mindfulness – Get ready to rest and reset your mind and body for balanced energy, calm and focus (Dec/Jan)

3 business and personal development classes with experts

  • Use the power of Enneagram to understand and build health and wellbeing habits unique to you (July)
  • How to use Human design to build a business that is unique to you and skyrocket your income
  • How to create a succesful business aligned with your soul purpose

I joined Thrive as my health has been a focus for me over the last year after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (Hashimotos). As a business owner it was brought home to me just how important our health is when I was sick for two months in the summer and couldn’t bring any money in! The changes I’ve noticed so far is that I have so much more energy following the meal plans and creating mini habits like my Sunday meal prep/health reset for the week ahead. I love the access we have to Isa-Welly on the group coaching calls and the blend of mindset as well as the more practical health/nutrition advice is what sets this membership apart from others. The monthly themes really help me stay on track but not feel overwhelmed and I love the amount of education I’m taking in just dipping in and out of the portal!

Victoria Jackson 
Founder of The Manifestation Collective

You are 90 days away from noticing meaningful shifts and lasting changes in your body…..

  • You will experience better digestion with less bloating, less gas, and more regular bowels.

  • You will know how to pull together simple and nourishing meals quickly.

  • You will feel more energised with an increase in productivity while staying calm and grounded

  • You’ll have better knowledge of how food fuels you and what foods work best for you.

  • You will feel a sense of relief, knowing you’re finally making the changes and building the healthy habits you need

  • You will feel motivated and inspired, as if you’ve been given a new lease on life in your health journey

  • You will improve your mindset and take responsibility for your health and wellbeing

The Investment

  • Meal prep plan including audios, meal ideas, recipes: 27£ x 12 plans = 324£
  • 2 Mindful movement classes – 9£ x 24 classes = 216£
  • Results-driven yet realistic challenges to establish fresh habits 29£ x 4 = 116£
  • Masterclasses with experts 37£ x 4 = 148£
  • Access to some of my most popular pilates courses throughout the year- 140£
  • Live Q&A where I can answer your personal questions and help move through challenges quickly +community access : 12 months -397£


349£ for 12 months or 39£/month

Founding Members Rate

Join Τhrive Today
And Start Your Health Transformation


£39 / MONTH
  • 1 Meal prep plan with meal ideas, recipes, tips and shopping list
  • 2- 4 Nutrition audios
  • 1 Mindset Coaching audio
  • 2 movement classes
  • Live Q&A and Community access
  • 4 yearly masterclasses with experts
  • 4 yearly challenges


£349 / YEARLY

Everything in the

flexible plan



Here's why THRIVE is the best place for entrepreneurs to create more balance and success in their body and business....

  • It is  thought and designed to fit seamlessly into your busy creative lifestyle
  • The easy recipes, short audios, and digestible classes adapt to the unpredictability of your day to day life.
  • This isn’t just a monthly membership that you can dip in and out of and see no results
  •  It is an experience demanding your FULL commitment to health and well-being. And such commitment requires time.
  • 12-months leave time for true habit building, implementing, and seeing lasting change in your health. This wouldn’t be possible in a 3 or even 6 month program
  • THRIVE doesn’t teach rigid or strict habits – You will see lots of paths to achieve the same goal – so the habits are as flexible as you are
  • It’s not a fitness nor nutrition membership. It’s a “let me get myself together and create balance and success in my life”
  • Nutrition is the foundation of life but it’s only a moving part of your health and wellbeing. This is a 360 holistic container designed for you to experience TRUE TRANSFORMATION.
  • Being surrounded by other ambitious and driven women will expand you and show you can be productive and still put your health first

What made me join THRIVE is the fact that it’s a holistic program that looks into nutrition, mental wellbeing, mindset, workouts.

The format of the content really suits me because I can go at my own pace and don’t feel overwhelmed. I like the short audios, the meal prep examples and I also like the monthly change of theme.The fact that we can interact with Isa-Welly and get more guidance is a big added value.

3 months into the program and I’ve discovered new recipes, new foods and also new insights on how my body reacts to different nutrients.

I’ve learnt to set my weekly menu every sunday, I’m not perfect at it yet but I have a structure in place that gives me consistency

So far I’m really happy with my journey, I’m learning a bit more every day. It takes time  and commitment to create long sustainable habits. However,the effort is worth it because I’m betting on an older version of myself who thrives thanks to all the seeds I am planting today.

Helena Djunga

Here is what a year of transformation can look like for YOU

  • You will enjoy less inflammation, a more resilient immune system, better gut health, and more balanced hormones.
  • You’ll have immense confidence in your body. You will be able to rely on it to give you not just longevity but also the focus, energy, and wellbeing you need to do your best creative work and achieve your biggest work goals
  • You will be able to prepare meals and navigate your unpredictable lifestyle with ease.
  • You no longer rely on the meal plans and now only look for inspiration because you’ve built the skills to always have healthy meals on hand
  • You’re able to spot your negative beliefs and set yourself better boundaries
  • You always stand up for yourself and your needs – because you know it’s the key to your success
  • You will have built daily health and lifestyle habits that will become the cornerstone of your success
About Welly

And if we’ve never met…

I’m Welly, a Registered Nutritional Therapist, Life and Wellbeing Coach.
What makes me jump off the bed in the morning is living my purpose.

And that purpose is to help YOU win at life.

May that be feeling your healthiest, starting a family, writing that first book or embracing a drastic change of career. Guiding you to feel your best and dive into life to make your wildest dreams a reality is both a joy and an honour

From my uni days as a Marketing student to my dancing queen days alongside the biggest pop stars of my generation and to now my work as a coach, the one thing I’ve learnt through all of it.

Your health is the core of your life. It will sustain you and your wildest dreams. Prioritise it, Invest in it, cherish it.

And I want to show you how with ease. I want to support your genius by elevating your wellbeing and upgrading your mindset.

A few facts about me…


  • I live in London with my boyfriend Nic and our daughter Olivia
  • I’ve been creative and self-employed for 20 years!
  • My moon sign is Libra
  • I’m a Manifestor generator, Profile ⅗
    Enneagram type 8
  • Self development addict, Movement junkie
  • Vintage fashion, lobster pasta, and old school Rnb are my love language 🙂
  • My ultimate fashion queen is Joan Collins in Dynasty
About Welly

 I joined Thrive after doing one of Welly’s Pilates courses and really wanted to feel good from the inside, after all health IS wealth!

I no longer grab that bag of crisps because I am starving and too busy to organise a meal in the day because the food prep has been an absolute game changer! I treat it as part of my ” self care Sunday” Music on, singing badly whilst peeling, mixing and cooking! It is so satisfying to see everything all neat and prepared in my fridge, no stress on a Monday morning.

I love the movement classes and the mindfulness talks. I am happier, healthier and stronger. I am never going back to my old lifestyle, thank you Welly!

Ginny Gates
Events and Sales Consultant

THRIVE is for you if

  • You know that the best approach to bettering our health is a 360 one
  • You’re already health conscious, now you’re ready to be more consistent so you see even bigger results.
  • You are ready to be responsible for your health and the energy you put out into the world
  • You’re excited to learn different tools that will help you feel your best and create your best work
  • You value freedom, health, education, creativity and personal growth
  • You’ve had a health awakening and are ready to step up and honour your beautiful body
  • You are ready to commit to a 12 month transformational journey

Who THRIVE isn’t for

  • You need a rigid and daily meal plan showing exactly what and how many calories you should eat
  • You want a program that focuses on weight loss and physical appearance (…by the way losing weight is a BYPRODUCT of your healthy habits. Change your habits, you’ll change your weight.)
  • You want to come in and out of the membership as you wish. THRIVE is for those ready to fully commit to change and build the healthy habits they need to have more balance, better health ….now and for years to come

Still have questions? Here are some answers

How much time do I need to invest in THRIVE?

1h in total at the beginning of each month to go over the meal plan, prep yours and listen to the audios so you can take consistent action and make the right choices. Some months we will have workshops, guest speakers so you will need additional time (often 60-90min) to learn from these experts

I’m vegetarian, pescetarian, vegan.. will there be options for me?

All meal plans and recipes are general i.e there will be fish, meat and plant based meals. They will be easy to adapt to your dietary choices.

I have allergies or a health diagnosis and not sure this will be right for me.

If you have to follow a very specific and quite restrictive diet then you won’t be able to make the most out of the Nutrition part of this experience. Email me with your specific diagnosis so I can guide you.

I’m nervous about committing to 12 months as I’m not sure I will like it. What should I do?

If you are a creative or an entrepreneur, busy following your dreams but neglecting your health, yet are keen to take control and start THRIVING, then I am confident that this experience will benefit you greatly.

Can I stop or pause my membership whenever I want?

THRIVE is designed as a 12 month program and experience to help you transform your health and wellbeing. I currently do not offer shorter term commitment options. However if you’re not satisfied within 7days of joining, email us and you’ll get a full refund 

How much access do we get to you?

I will be in the facebook group 3 days a week (week days only) to answer questions, motivate, share accountability prompts and snaps of my own meals for inspo.

You ‘ll also have the monthly group call to connect with me and ask individual questions that need longer exchange.

You can submit your questions in advance via email. No questions will be answered via emails as I’d like everyone to benefit from the answers.

All Q&A calls will be available in the portal within 24 h of the live.

I really don’t like Facebook. Can I still benefit from this if I don’t join our community there?

Me neither but for now it is the best platform to share photos, texts without feeling overwhelmed. Groups and communities are a powerful tool for accountability and support.

And one of the key reasons why we often give up halfway is because we feel lonely on the journey. The days where you don’t feel like it, you’re losing motivation…the group will uplift you! So while it’s not a must I really recommend it.

I’ve been doing challenges and programs for years now and those who get the most results and stay consistent or those that also show up in the community.

An option is to create a facebook profile just for the challenge so you avoid distractions or having to connect with family and old acquaintances 😉

Join THRIVE and be a part of a community of women who are ready to change what success and productivity looks like – so they can build a business that prioritises their health and wellbeing.

Join Thrive today and start prioritising your health



£39 / MONTH
  • 1 Meal prep plan with meal ideas, recipes, tips and shopping list
  • 2- 4 Nutrition audios
  • 1 Mindset Coaching audio
  • 2 movement classes
  • Live Q&A and Community access
  • 4 yearly masterclasses with experts
  • 4 yearly challenges


£349 / YEARLY

Everything in the

flexible plan