These 5 easy mistakes are loosing you money on your groceries

Let’s save you some money on groceries

Groceries can add up quickly especially if you enjoy yummy, tasty and good quality food. And if you are anything like me, you won’t want to compromise on the quality of your food. Leaving in London is by default expensive. But there are always ways to figure it out and bring costs down. Here are five tricks/tips that help me save a fair amount of money on food shop every week

1. Proper Storage Make sure to store what you buy properly to avoid waste. The most frustrating thing that happens is when you buy  amazing ingredients, only to let them waste because it’s hiding at the back of your cupboard or left open and forgotten. Do some regular clearouts to make sure  you aren’t hoarding or keeping out of date items. 


2.Decide what you fancy eating, as opposed to what you ‘should’ be eating. You know these days where you look at your fridge full of food but you don’t want any of it? Most likely, you’re not listening to your body. If you need more starchy foods one week and lighter another, go ahead. Don’t force yourself to stick to a specific food because you think you “should” eat it. That will leave you frustrates and you will end up going back to the shop for what you actually want and… come back with more

 3. Buy essentials in bulk . Certain foods are staple in your diet. Recognise them and buy them in bulk, you will save tons of money. Mine are Beans, Olive/ Coconut Oil, Rice, Quinoa, Nuts, Seeds, Dessicated coconut. Basically foods I eat pretty much everyday. Here are websites I use here in UK to buy in bulk.

  1. Menu plan. So now you know what you fancy eating this week. Grab a pen a paper and quickly make a list of meals around those ingredients. Then draw a full menu for the week. The more precise your menu the better, just so you get everything you need at the shop all at once.

Ps: Don’t forget to add an indulging or exciting meal you are looking forward to in the week. My man and I love having whole grilled/baked fish with fried plantains, wine and magnum ice cream at the weekend. It’s indulging it feels good so we do it every now and then guilt free because our diet is balanced and good the rest of the time.

5…. And before you go…Check what you have! Back to our first point, make sure to tidy up your cupboard so it’s easy with a quick glance to check what you have. That way you won’t be buying in double. And the weeks where budget is tight build your menu around what you already have and then add up to it.

I’d love to hear fromyou. Do you have any tips of your own that you use to save money on groceries? Please share in the comments below to inspire us

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