The self- employed mental trap. 5 things I’ve learnt the hard way
  • Delegate. This is a big one. And when to delegate and what to delegate. Is it worth the investment? Can they do it as well as you? Yes they can and possibly better if you get the right person, because that’s what they do. Focus your time on nourishing your talent and using it to help others and increase your income. 


  • Failure is not the end of the world. As a self employed you put so much into your business that when anything goes wrong, it takes a huge dimension. You get so scared of failing that sometimes you don’t even take the risk in the first place. I remember the first time I organised an event that did not meet the minimum requirements. I had to cancel it and was so mortified thinking everybody would judge me and said I was a failure. In reality I was judging myself and also I learnt so much from that experience.  Failures sometimes are the best lessons. 


  • Take a break. For so long I believed that  if I didnt grind crazy, then I wasn’t legit.  And I know that mindset comes from my background. I grew up seeing my parents and siblings building success by working like there was no tomorrow. From being a dancer to now a wellness coach and nutritionist I understood that it’s simply not sustainable and definitely not the most productive. Find the balance. When you’re working give it your ALL. Then take a break to recharge before going back. Often these moments of pause and stillness nourish our creativity.


  • Don’t hustle for clients. Momentum and Law of attraction is something I really believe in. Hello Esther Hicks. (Google her if you don’t know her ).The right client will find you  at the right time. Your job is to be ready i.e know what you do and offer. Be the best at it, make it you. Be authentic. 


  • Your come before your Biz. I put everything into my business , always have but I’ve learnt the hard way that I couldn’t put it before myself. Because without me there is actually no business. So if you need to see the gp, get a massage, see your osteo basically look after yourself and health, take that lunch break before instead of a call that can actually wait, do it. Don’t wait to be broken on a bed, with exhaustion to realise it. YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS GORGEOUS. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST

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