The best abs exercises!
I often get asked about my abs, what exercises I do, how often and so on….

First of all, abs are made in the kitchen, and I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. What you eat matters more than how much abs you do. To see results you have to be very consistent with your diet and keep it as balanced, fresh and whole as possible.

Now I have to say I’m very lucky as I am one of those people genetically blessed with abs from age 6!! Seriously.

But to be totally honest with you it’s not something I focus on at all in my exercise regime. I focus on my core strength,on my gut health and only intuition…. the abs are nice but just the cherry on the top. Also between you and me  I’ve always had a bit of a complex when it comes to my upper body, which I’ve always found to thin and masculine. My secret goal has always been to somehow get some fat from my thighs and bum and stick it to my breasts and waist.

So far no luck …lol…

Right, below are these fabulous exercises for your abs! Be consistent with them, eat well and soon enough you will feel your core strengthening and your abs poppin’

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