Sweet Potatoes and Red Russian Kale Bowl

Soulful Winter Bowl

Sweet Potatoes and Purple Kale

Autumn is the perfect time for yummy and warm bowls full of goodness…

In winter, I love heart warming, soul warming and mouthwatering foods. In other words tasty and filling.

This bowl is my current favourite and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

The base are White Sweet potatoes. They are full of fibre, lots of betacarotene and a great gluten free option.

These white ones my favourite simply because I grew up eating those in Togo. For this recipe I definitely recommend using them as the taste is very different from the regular ones. You can find them in most African Grocers in London.

Red Russian Kale and Green Kale have the same benefits, but Red Russian Kale is more delicate and has a softer taste.

If you are a vegetarian, remove the chicken and add a handful of Shitake  mushrooms.

If you are a pescetarian, the best fish to go with this is Mackerel. Another way to boost this meal with some good fats!

Recipe for 2 (plus leftovers for Pack Lunch)

3 large Purple Columbian Sweet Potatoes-

1 Red Russian Kale

1 bag of green Beans- blanched or steamed

2 small corns on the cob (boiled and salted)

Organic Free Range Chicken Breast (Mine was a whole chicken roasted, and I just threw left overs in my bowl)

Seasoning : Salt, Fresh Sage, Dried mixed herbs, Raw Ginger Powder, Chilli Flakes…

1-Peel and Cut your potatoes in big chunks and boil them until cooked through (12min)

2- Meanwhile , cut your breast in fine slices and season with raw ginger powder, fresh herbs (sage is my favourite) and salt. Then saute them in a pan with 1tbsp of Coconut Oil for 7min. (I tend to use leftover roasted chicken for my bowls as I often if not always cook chicken as whole.)

3- Once Potatoes cooked, drain them  and let them dry  for a couple of minutes. After that transfer them to the chicken pan and let them get brown and cook in the same pan. After a few minutes, add the Kale and The beans and simmer for 15min, add a drizzle of water and another spoon of coconut oil. Salt to taste.

4- Serve in your bowl, add the corn and add your chili flakes on top

Et Voila!!!! Bon appetit


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