10-Day Sugar Detox

10 days to more energy, better productivity, improved digestion and less cravings!

Whether you're looking to boost your energy levels, eliminate cravings, improve your skin health, or simply feel better day-to-day, this 10-Day Sugar Detox is designed to help you achieve just that!

Is this you…..?

You have unpredictable work schedule, always on the go struggling to create space for balanced meals.
You wake up in the morning feeling sluggish, get quickly ready and opt for coffee and oat porridge or sometimes nothing for breakfast.
Half way through the morning you feel sleepy and need a pick- me up, so you aim for a granola bar and an oat latte.
Lunch is not far but you barely make it and because you are tired, your body is craving starches…pasta, chips, bread….
By 5pm you are even hungrier and could eat the whole fridge😳😳😳😳
So you cave in for a few biscuits to help you until dinner time….


Wake up feeling energised and staying energised throughout the day (without relying on sugar...)

Feel productive and focused all day long 

Experience better digestion, less bloating and more regular bowels

Eat nourishing meals that will prevent cravings and sustain you for hours

Be in total control of your eating habits

Feel lighter in your body

And these are just some of the possible benefits of removing
processed sugar from your day-to-day life…..


Starting on Monday June 17th, you will receive ....

A 10-day detailed meal plan (this will be sent on June 12th so you can prep)
Daily tips and hacks on how to manage your sugar intake
Best and worst forms of sugar to steer away from
Daily support from myself via email and facebook

Plus, you’ll join a supportive community of fellow challengers with whom you can share tips, experiences, and encouragement.

We Focus On Real, Nutritious Foods That Balance Blood Sugar And Nourish Your Body. No Restriction.
Nourishment And Balance

For £9 only 

....say bye to sugar cravings and experience more energy

All sales are final

But is this for you?

Are you always on the go finding it hard to create time for balanced meals?
Do you struggle with daily sugar cravings?
Are you constantly reaching for something sweet?
Do you feel tired and sluggish from your diet choices?
Do you want to say bye to constant fatigue,  temperamental skin, recurrent thrush, daily bloating..?
Are you desperate to break free from daily sugar intake but don’t know how?
Do you want to kickstart a healthier way of eating??

If you are nodding yes to one or more of these, then YOUR BODY needs this reset.

Here is how sugar is impacting you

You are constantly tired
Sugar can cause energy spikes followed by crashes, leading to increased feelings of tiredness and reduced overall energy levels. And this ultimately impact your productivity and ability to stay focused and create your best work
Recurrent Thrush
High sugar intake can promote the growth of Candida yeast, leading to thrush and other yeast infections.
Your Overall Health
High sugar intake is linked to an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers.
Weight Management
Excess sugar contributes to weight gain and obesity by providing empty calories and stimulating cravings for more sugary foods.
Dull and fatigued
Excess sugar can cause inflammation, leading to acne and premature ageing due to glycation, which damages collagen and elastin in the skin.
Stress Management, low mood
Sugar can disrupt hormone regulation, particularly insulin and cortisol, impacting mood, stress levels, and overall hormonal balance
Mood Swings
High sugar intake is linked to an increased risk of depression and anxiety due to its impact on brain function and neurotransmitter regulation.
Poor Digestion
Poor Digestion Excess sugar contributes to gut microbiome imbalance. Pathogenic bacteria feed off sugar and when overgrowth occurs you can experience a myriad of symptoms from constipation, diarrhoea, to migraines, skin issues, low mood….

Hey I’m your host
Isa Welly

I’ve been there…. Deep into a very intimate relationship with sugar. I didn’t realised  the impact it had on my health until I stopped it.

Constant fatigue, bloating , recurrent thrush, acne were some of the symptoms I thought were "normal" and that I had to deal with until I stopped processed sugar and they dissappeared...


As a Nutritional Therapist (and ex sugar lover) I can guide you and  give you the tools you need to eliminate your cravings, be in control of your diet and energise your body

With my expertise and the support of like minded community, this reset can be exactly what you need to kickstart a healthier and vibrant journey (and summer!!)


For £9 only say bye to sugar cravings and experience more energy

All sales are final


How long do I have access to the 10 day detox for?

Once the meal plan and the daily tips are sent to you, you keep them for life and can repeat the detox as often as you need

Are the meals vegetarian/vegan friendly?

The meal plan has a bit of everything but they are flexible enough to be adapted to your dietary preferences

What type of meals will I have to eat?

Quick, easy and nourishing meals. No drama, no hours on end cooking some complicated meals with unheard of ingredients.

Can you guarantee I will feel better after 10 days?

Your results will be based on variables such as your investment and commitment to the detox plan, your current health, your mindset and ability to explore new habits.

What’s the refund policy?

Because once the plan is sent to you, you can’t unsee it, all sales are final.

Ready to Detox Your Body and Refresh Your Mind?

Sign up now and take the first step towards more energy, improved nutrition habits and health


All sales are final

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