Stop…and breathe

Stop and breathe…

The end of the year is always super stressful! Social gatherings, end of year meetings, holiday season and why not…

We rarely take the time to stop and breathe. It’s the end of the year, we should be happy, celebrating and sending the year off wisely.

I’m sure you want to walk into 2017 with a fresh energy, love, positivity and hope that the world will be a better place than it was this year.

But remember that “a better world starts with a better you”

So Grab yourself a mat and join me while we go through this 10min chat and stretch.

Do this as often as you need to, and set some intentions for the end of the stretch. If you have crystals and love using them , you can also have them around you while stretching. Make sure you have cleaned and charged them.

In the video I briefly  use the foam roller for pressure point, if you don’t have one, use a tennis ball or skip that part for now and come back to it when you have either.

Foam rollers are great to release tension from your body ! I highly recommend you get yourself one and keep it under your bed.

ps: This is the last video for this year but I will be popping back in your inbox to wish you a great holiday season…. Till’ then, STOP AND BREATHE.

Much Love



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