Reset your Goals
Do you know that most people that set fitness and wellness goals at the beginning of the year,have dropped them by now?

…..and I totally get it! Here in London and most of Europe, it’s freezing ass cold, grey and miserable.

So it takes a lot, to start a juice detox and get out of the bed early for the gym! Despite being fairly good with my gym attendance and my food habits, January is always tough one for me tooWinter is made for us humans to hibernate, rest and NURTURE ourselves.

Now this doesn’t mean, we should overeat and indulge over excessive sugary food . What it means is that, this not the ideal time to cut down on your food intake and put your body through intense diets or workouts. Eat well, eat healthy comforting dishes and exercise at least twice a week. If you are used to do more, go for it.

I personally set my fitness goals at a different time of the year. I like starting my year with work related and self-development goals.

Now if you have set goals and fallen out of the wagon or haven’t set any yet this article is for you. No matter what your goals are, financial, personal, work related… same techniques work for all of them.

This doesn’t mean you have to set a goal now or any at all. But whenever you feel ready to do so, come back to this and make sure you follow these easy steps.

In my experience, we fall of the train, because we set humongous goals, without the right tools, if any at all to achieve them. They are often unrealistic, freaking scary even and more importantly we have no accountability. No one or nothing to remind us and keep us on track.

So let’s start again shall we?

First thing, First

Pick One goal only

Set no more than 3 goals for the year, and start with 1 only.Let’s Be realistic here, you’re not gonna go the gym 5x week, start a juice detox, start making your own breakfast and the kids ones every morning, taking the kids to tennis lessons , and shampoo the dog yourself every week. Save some of these for the years to come…

and Make it SMART

Specific. Call Mum, once a week on Sunday afternoon instead of Connect more with Mum.

Measurable. You should be able, to measure and track how far you’ve come.


Realistic. This is when you have to be honest with yourself. Realistically can you Loose 10kgs forth nightly? Start small and build it up.

Time bound– Time frame your goal. How long are you giving yourself to implement this goal and make it a comfortable habit? I always push my client to aim for 3 months. 21 days is what we need to form a habit so always aim for a longer period.

Now You have your Goal, let’s take action to make sure IT WILL HAPPEN.

Write it down. Grab a pen and write the the goal down on paper and the reason why you want to achieve it. I really believe that writing your goals on a piece of paper instead of your phone or laptop makes it more real . And quite frankly nothing feels as good as crossing something you have achieved on paper! Once you delete it on the phone, you can’t come back to it and celebrate! It’s gone.

Date it. bBe as specific as possible. Things can change and do change, but setting dates to goals make them become very real. It will take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to see how much you want to achieve it. What days are the best in your diary to spend quality time with your husband? Book it now. Call the restaurant. Take action. Make it happen NOW. Are you saving for a special occasion? A trip? Schedule the trip in the diary.

Be prepared. Make sure you have all the tools to reach your goal, Set the circumstances. Your partner schedule..has he cleared that 1day a month too for the date night? Does your work allow you to have breakfast with the kids once or twice a week? If not set it in the diary to talk to the HR, if you work for yourself, make the time for it.

Check progress on your goal, daily or weekly. Rememeber your goal has to be Measurable. How far have you come? Are you on your way there? Do you need an extra push? Save more, book the restaurant? Have you bought the book you need to start …? IF NOT GET STARTED

Be patient with yourself. Don’t beat yourself up and give up, if things don’t go accordingly to your “perfect plan”.Nothing ever does.  You have to dance around it, work around it, learn from the challenges and do the best you can to move forward

Obsess over it.  Yes do obsess about it and make it a priority until it becomes a habit. Have it as a reminder on your phone, diary, on the fridge! Go for it! If you have decided to make it a goal,it’s because it matters to you. To spend time with your family, to connect more often with your friends, to invest in your marriage,to create wealth and abundance, to feel great in your body, to change job… It is important so give it the time it derserves and make yourself proud. For everything we choose to do, I believe in FULL commitment. Don’t half do things. You will only drag them for long and end up never finishing it. And that brings you down, feeling disappointed over it. SO TAKE ACTION.

Accountability. This is the most important of all. Accountability is a lot. It helps a big deal, to have someone or something holding you accountable. So if you can, get a friend or your partner or your mum involved! Tell them about your goal, let them hold you accountable and remind you. If not set a reminder on your phone! If you are working on your fitness or health, get you whole family involved! Kids are VERY good at reminding us our promises 😉

Relapse. If you  decide to give up (yes in my opinion it is a decision whether it is conscious or unconscious), go back to your notebook , read and remind yourself why have you started, the meaning behind the goal, the big picture. How you felt last year when you didn’t manage this? And how you feel when you have done it before? Noting is easy and certainly not stepping out of your comfort zone to expand yourself. So be kind with yourself and start again.

Take action NOW

Let us hold you accountable by sharing your goals in the comments below 

My main goal for the next 3 months, is to speak to my mum, once a week. Pick up the phone on Saturdays or Sundays afternoon and Call her.

No goal is small or big. If it feels right for you and you need it to expand, grow and create abundance for yourself go for it.

What are yours? Share Below

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