You are stuck in your health journey, particularly in one area and would like expert support in moving forward

Through this 90min coaching call we focus on your main health challenge and draw a plan to help you overcome it.

This could be any of the below

  • Your nutrition habits and mindset. Build better nutrition habits, improve your relationship with foods, uncover what’s holding you back to committing to better eating, work on your negative beliefs and improve your mindset. 

  • Understand and improve your current health challenges and symptoms with a tailored nutrition and lifestyle plan. This can be to support a medical diagnosis or symptoms. Chronic fatigue, digestive symptoms, hormonal imbalance, acne, low mood and lack of motivation. Together we investigate the root cause and build a nutritional plan to help support your symptoms or diagnosis

  • Support in eliminating fatigue and overwhelm by building a better structure and balance between work and life. A structure of routine and habits that will support and prioritise your overall wellbeing. This is about decluttering your mind, life and environment from what no longer serves you and setting the right boundaries

  • Anything else you may need support in.


What’s the process


Upon booking the session at a suitable time date, you receive a comprehensive pre-consultation form to help me prepare the best for our session


90 minutes Zoom session  where we dive into your current challenges and map out a plan to get you to the other side!


A tailored 6-week Nutrition and/or Lifestyle Plan based on symptoms and goals


Resources (Wellbeing and nutrition sheets….) to support your plan.


Recording of our session for your reference


2 weeks email support for any questions you may have during implementation

Investment  £297  ($395)

 including the 90 min session, 2 weeks email support, 6-week nutrition plan and resources.

As soon as you book the session you will receive a pre-consultation form. Make sure you fill it and send it back at least 48h ahead of our consultation.

Are you ready to prioritise your health and start feeling your best ?

Who is this single session for?

This session is for you if you need support with one of the below.


You need support with uncovering specific DIGESTIVE or HORMONAL health challenges (constipation, diarrhoea, low stomach acid, bloating, acne, low mood etc…)


You simply need support in finding what the best diet is for YOU so you feel energised, light in body and mind with a clear and beautiful skin to match!


You feel exhausted and overwhelmed and would like support in setting better boundaries between life and work


You have a very specific health goal and would like a plan to reach it 


You recently have had a medical diagnosis and would like a nutrition and lifestyle plan to support the diagnosis (IBS, Colitis, Diabetes, High Blood pressure, PCOS, Endometriosis…)


You feel unmotivated, tired and would like to review and build a better routine to support and prioritise your health

feel motivated and get resultS


Sometimes we are stuck in our journey, because we do not have the perspective to assess our needs, that’s when a coach and expert can make a real difference.

Single sessions are best for you, if you are at ease with holding yourself accountable and implementing your plan without comprehensive support

If you feel like you need more support because you’d either like to address different areas of your health OR want accountability and support to help you implement then consider booking a package of 3 sessions via email or the body mind soul reset 1-2-1 program.



 I’m a registered Nutritional Therapist and Wellbeing Coach. Prior to working with dozens of women in helping them reconnect with themselves and thrive in life and at work, I was a professional dancer.

Throughout my performing career, I burnt both ends and ended with my health absolutely shattered.

From chronic gut issues, fatigue, chronic thrush, burnout to confidence-shattering acne, I ‘ve experienced a myriad of health symptoms that reflected my lifestyle choices, my mindset, and the lack of education I had around health and wellbeing.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve slowly learned to rebuild my emotional and physical health in a way that has supported me, to feel consistently energised, to thrive in life, and to build a successful career I’m absolutely in love with.

What I truly believe in is that our health is the core of our life, prioritising and investing it shouldn’t be an inconvenience but rather an exciting choice not to take for granted.

 A healthy body and mind is what will allow you to feel the best and build the exciting and successful life you desire!

So if you are ready to take that first step, I’m ready to be your guide along the way

Any questions I didn’t cover? email me

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