Set yourself up for success one step at a time
Ah… the new year and all it’s expectations!! We put so much pressure on what the new year can bring us that often we end up feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and disappointed at ourselves.

One of the big things I see happen a lot in our fitness and wellness community is a drastic change of lifestyle. Introducing hard core workouts, incredibly tough diets….that left us feel deprived, frustrated and exhausted.

New year is definitely a great time to start something new, it feels like a clean slate and it’s a great opportunity to get ourselves where we want to be. But it has to be done in a realistic way for the change to be long lasting.

If you believe that, January is the best time for you to improve your health and wellness routine or anything else,  go ONE step at a time. Trying changing your diet, your fitness routine, introducing meditation while still having the same life, same hours in the day is gonna overwhelm you and you’re more likely to give up.

Here are 3 steps to help you set your intention and goals realistically. And Set yourself for success!

  • Step 1. Write down The Big Picture.

What is your big picture, what do you want to achieve? Most importantly how do you want to FEEL?

Examples. My big picture in 2017 was to feel ALIVE. I pictured myself, energised, happy, upbeat…. I was feeling lethargic and constantly exhausted and it was affecting my mood, my work and my relationship. 

My big picture in 2018, was to HEAL. I wanted to feel free to eat whatever I wanted. I had too many gut issues, skin allergies that were ruining the quality of my life.

  • Step 2. Find The Why

A real why that will keep you motivated and focused. A why that has a deep meaning for you and will bring you back on track when you wander off

Examples. My 2018 why “I want to do anything I need so I can enjoy the rest of my life without having allergies everytime I eat.I can only eat certain food and homemade only.. I feel trapped. I need my freedom back to eat what and where I want…..So I need to heal my gut the source of my health problems”

  • Step 3. Break it down

You have a picture, a vision now map the road to get there.

You want to HEAL? But don’t know where to start? Start with booking an appointment with your gp, nutritionist etc…

You want to feel alive? Write down what makes you feel alive and energised….

Once it’s all mapped out and broken down into steps, start working your way through them 1 step at time

  • Step 4. Make the journey exciting and fun

By bringing in elements of your life that you enjoy doing. Things you wake up in the morning and look forward to. Remember that nothing done in fear, pain or frustration results in success.

Examples: I loooove cooking , love experiencing new foods . “How can I cook all my favourites meals with gut healing foods. No sugar and still make it tasty AF! Ok this can be miserable or I can take it as an amazing experience to share with my community, my nutrition clients! I will learn so much because I’m going through it myself.’

  • Step 5. Setbacks are good.

They are there to challenge you, show you how far you’ve come! Trust the process and go with the flow

You’ve got this, my darling! I’m here cheering for you! This year is gonna be great, because that’s how you want it and I KNOW YOU WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN

If you need any support in setting your goals and intention this year, email me and let’s make it happen!

My next retreat on January 19th will give you the opportunity to set your intentions in the perfect setting out of hustle and bustle! Click this link to read more about it and join us!

I am looking forward to supporting you in your health and wellness journey in 2019 beauty!

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