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Sculpt your legs and bum with this Barre workout

Just like that, August is coming to an end and we are back, friends!! I hope you all had an incredible summer with friends and family, in or out of London.

Mine was chilled, I didn’t go away but managed to get plenty of rest. I am back to school in two weeks, so for now I am still enjoying a stress free life and taking things as slow as possible.

As we’re all getting back into the groove of things and slowly saying bye to the summer holidays, I thought it would be great to share a fun barre workout that will work your full body and help you get back into your fitness routine.

This is also a snippet of my barre classes at Triyoga Shoreditch in London.

If you are London based and looking for some fun and burn, my class might be your jam 😉

Expect lots of tunes…always! I cant teach without music..and because Barre is pretty intense, I only play the best and grooviest tunes ever. We definitely need some jam to distract us from the burn 😉

Enjoy the workout below and let me know how you get on x

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