Save money, buy these 5 foods in bulk

One of the things I do to save money on my groceries is to make sure I buy my staples in bulk.

1. Frozen Vegetables and fruits

While I’m all for fresh fruits and veggies from the farmers market, sometimes time or budget doesn’t allow me to do so. Here comes frozen veg and fruits. They’re often more nutritious than fresh ones that have been picked days before being sold, and are way easier to store for weeks or even months at a time.


2. Grains

Grains are the kind of food that are often sold either in small boxes in supermarkets but can be found in larger quantities at a lower price on whole foods websites.

3. Legumes

Pretty much the same as the grains especially if you buy them raw.


4. Nuts

Nuts can be so overpriced sometimes and it really frustrates me because it doesn’t have to be, but when you’re stuck and don’t have any with you, you end up spending a lot. I always buy nuts by kilogs and store them in glass jars in my cupboard. In the morning I pour some in a small take away jar and off I go.

5. Non-Dairy milks

This is one that most of us don’t necessarily think about but buying plant based milk individually can be pricey. Amazon, supermarket websites sell most big brands by pack of 6 or more at a reduced cost. If you consume more than 1 bottle of milk a week, it’s definitely worth looking into bulk buying them.

Some of my favourite U.K websites to buy in bulk from

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