Nutrition and Wellbeing Workshop


You are feeling emotionally and physically drained. 

There is a sense of overwhelm and you are unsure as to how to get back to feeling like yourself again

Your body feels sluggish, stress and anxiety often running side by side are depleting you

You do want to feel energised again, have a bit more clarity and reconnect with yourself

But where to start? What to start with… 


Join me, Isa-Welly Registered Nutritional Therapist and Wellbeing Coach for this 1h Nutrition and Wellbeing workshop 

During this workshop I will share with you the most effective practices, rituals and nutrition plan to gain mental and physical energy and return back to yourself.

The workshop will cover

  • Nutrition
  • Herbs, nutrients, and supplements
  • Mindfulness and spirituality practices to uplift your mood and truly nourish your soul
  • The importance of movement to return to that safe place which is in you

This workshop will help you trust  and support your natural healing power using the right nutrition and wellbeing tools .


Here is what you will learn:

  • How to release stress, anxiety, and negative energy using daily rituals, herbs, and nutrition
  • The very first step to take to eliminate overwhelm and stress (we will start this process together)
  • The most important nutrients to support your nervous system, uplift your mood and support the journey back to yourself 
  • How to set up your physical environment to support your emotional wellbeing

Last but not least I will share my personal experience with dipping low and slowly coming back up with calm, energy, and more trust in my own healing power. 

What I did, what worked, and what didn’t.

You will leave this 2h workshop:

  • Feeling inspired and motivated to take action toward your wellbeing
  • Educated on key nutrients and nutrition do’s for an aligned body mind and soul
  • Knowing exactly the next steps to take to increase your energy levels and feel better
  • Having more clarity as to where you are and what matters to you the most right now

When you sign up for this workshop, you get:

A 4-week Nutrition protocol to increase energy and support mental health – Valued at 125£

Nutrition and Wellness reference sheets – Valued at 25£

Workshop redeemable towards 1-2-1 coaching (Valid until May 30th 2022) – Valued at 57£

LIFETIME access to the workshop 


But you’ll only pay 57£! ($75)


Due the digital nature of this workshop, please note that all sales are final. Workshop is not refundable nor reimbursable.

A little bit about me…..

I have learned very early on, that my emotions had a huge impact on my physical wellbeing and vice versa. This year again, I’ve been reminded that prioritising my soul alignment, and staying connected to myself was primordial in keeping my head above water especially when life gets challenging.

I’m Isa-Welly, a Nutritional Therapist and Wellbeing coach. I help busy women eliminate overwhelm and fatigue so they can thrive at work and in life.

I teach them how to improve their nutritional habits, create nourishing practices and rituals, set strict yet realistic boundaries that will ultimately uplift their mental and physical energy

I’ve personally experienced fatigue, low mood, burnout, and gut imbalances throughout the past 10 years, especially during my career as a professional dancer.

I know how running low on energy both mentally and physically can impact our lust for life, our productivity, and our ability to create joy and abundance.

While healing is not a straight road,  having the right tools will save you time and give you faster and more lasting results.

And I’m here to be your guide throughout your journey.

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