Release and Relax: 30min Full body Stretch

Ah Stretching, the one thing most my students love to hate 🙂

But so crucial for that beautiful body of yours. See as we age, we lose flexibility, and with that comes loss of mobility, joint stiffness, poor spinal posture and so on.

Stretching I always hear is boring. Well yes it can be if you want it to be? Or you can create your own atmosphere, put your favourite music on and take it as a moment of active meditation.

You could even listen to a podcast while you are stretching. It doesn’t have to be, nor feel like a punishment.

I personally love turning stretching into a moment of relaxation (even if yes some of the postures are a bit painful at times). I lit a nice candle on, put a nice meditation in the background (Bree’s ones is my go to at the moment) and just go with the flow. It really is a moment where I slow down and tune in into myself. Something that is so  important and beneficial during these times.

Whether you workout or not, Stretching is one the best forms of movement you can do for your body.

Here is why:

– Stretching lengthens your muscles and increases your flexibility

– Stretching gets you out of stress mode into calm and relaxed mode

– Stretching is a form of active meditation as it helps you stay present.

– Stretching is a moment and an opportunity to connect deeper to your body and take stock of what’s happening within yourself. This is the perfect moment to check in “How am I feeling today” “What’s up in this beautiful body of mine”?

– Stretching grounds you as it helps you slow down and heal your body

– Stretching improves the quality of your sleep. This study showed that regular stretching reduced insomnia in participants.

– Stretching makes you feel like you are adulting!!! SERIOUSLY. I always feel like I’ve got my sh%# together after a good stretch. AHAHAH

Basically stretching is a love letter to yourself!

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