Step into your power and reconnect with the most important person in your life 


Getting healthy on a holistic level just got whole lot easier and much more enjoyable with my proven 1-2-1 “Reconnect & Thrive” 12 weeks program!

When living a fast-paced life, it can be easy to put yourself last, to always drop lower on your never-ending to-do list, and lose sight of what makes you extraordinary.
The grind feels rough, the struggle is very real, and you can barely keep up with the demands of daily life.

With that, your wellbeing constantly seems to be hanging on by a thread because:


   You jump from one diet to another hoping to find the cure to your…. you name it!

   You’re exhausted… ALL THE freaking TIME.

   You skip your morning workouts because you are desperate for those extra minutes in bed.

   Your hormones seem to be out of control. (Is it the full moon? Or am I just losing my mind?)

   Strange symptoms have become more persistent and exacerbated. (Has my stomach always been this sensitive or am I just getting older?)

   Your body and mind feel out of sync, and since it’s been harder than ever to make new habits stick, you’re not even sure what to tend to first.

But here’s the thing. I know YOU want to feel better. You want gain some of that energy back and feel like yourself again. But when it all feels so overwhelming, where do you start?

Healing from this level of perpetual stress and fatigue begins with an overhaul of how you care for your mind, body and soul.  And YES, it does take commitment and personal responsibility, but what it requires the most is a plan, some support and accountability.

Because even though you, my lovely, are a badass, every badass needs a little help every now and then. And there is no shame to it because I’ve been there myself!

Health gurus will claim that you have to put your entire life on hold to fully focus on your health, but you don’t. You don’t need to do a keto diet, count your carbs, drink celery juice every morning hoping it will solve all your symptoms and bad decisions. Nor do you need to do crazy workouts daily.

These are unsustainable routines preached to a blanket group of people.

And you, girlfriend, don’t fall under any group.

You are YOU!

If every person is different, why should the same solution provide the same results for everyone?

If you’re throwing up your arms and saying out loud “RIGGHTT???!”…

Then, get ready, because you’re about to discover a program that unlocks the healing power within your mind, body and soul through a method as unique as you are.

“I cannot recommend this program enough. It really is life changing.”

Francesca B.

“My biggest wins have been feeling more motivated, energetic, healthy and lighter in my body every day.”

Marissa W.

But before we dive into the program, let me briefly mention some of the highly valued side effects that come with being in total mind, body, and soul alignment!!!


When you start prioritizing yourself, you’ll notice a rise in your overall sense of self-worth, glowing skin, and a groovy pep in your step (results may vary depending on skincare regiment and Spotify playlist). When you’re more confident, it flows like a cool well into every other aspect of your life, bringing abundance, love and the invigorating feeling of simply being ALIVE!

Increase energy

You’ll also experience significant changes to your energy levels as you conduct your life with radical purpose. This includes a diet best suited to your needs, moving your body with intention and purpose, and dropping what no longer serves you!!. You’re a badass, go-getting warrior, and energy is productivity gold. So, let’s get you some of that gold, lovely!


Nah girlfriend, I’m not talking about an age-defying, acai-infused antioxidant miracle cream, but by prioritizing your health now, you’ll build truly sustainable habits that nurture and nourish your beautiful body, building a strong foundation your future self will undoubtedly thank you for.

Curious as to how this all works in a real-life scenario?

Well, let me pull back the curtain and share some eye-opening experiences of my own…

As an ex-professional dancer, I had the privilege of working with Kylie Minogue, Take that, Chaka Khan, Snoop Dogg, Madonna and many more incredible artists. It was a fast life, and I never prioritized my body or my health. (Which is ironic, considering my body was my livelihood.) 

Between constantly indulging in airport food and room service, frequent post-performance tequila shots and a non-existent sleep schedule, my health was hanging on by a thread. Hormonal imbalance, gut issues, terrible acne, extreme fatigue and a myriad of random symptoms I just couldn’t explain were part of my daily life. Looking back now, I realize my body was crying “HEEEELPPPP!!”


But it wasn’t until I was taken offstage during a performance due to intense pain that I finally realized how poorly I was taking care of myself. That was my wake-up call.

Since then, I have redefined my purpose, and through years of trial and error, have realized that the key to health and happiness is through a holistic approach, combining nutrition, fitness, mindfulness and pursuing that universal alignment within.

And with that comes inner joy, confidence, health and success.

Today, as a Registered Nutritionist, and Wellness Coach I can tell you that this journey is not a diet or workout plan. It’s a custom lifestyle plan that encourages an inner shift.

Nothing will change if you don’t change, but together, we can empower you to make decisions that drastically improve your overall wellbeing and encourage you to cultivate your best life so you can truly thrive.


Reconnect & Thrive

Step into your power and reconnect with the most important person in your life – YOU!

Health should not be focused solely on wellness, but overall wellbeing. We are all beautifully unique, and every pursuit of wellbeing should reflect that uniquenessBecause of this, I customize the program based on your needs.

   There is no one size fits all.

   There is no quick fix.

   There is only you, and the life you want to create for yourself.

   You, and the life you want to regain control over.

   That life is achievable, and yours for the taking.


It’s time to get healthy on a holistic level and rediscover the power within.

Success stories from the reconnect and thrive community

Myriam S.

“What the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve! Isa-Welly knows no boundaries and helps you work with your body and mind to do and feel better. She’s a kickass, committed and very dynamic coach. She takes time to understand your need and suggest trainings as well as meal plans adapted to your specific care. Also Isa-Welly is very deep and human when sharing her own struggles in life. What’s not to love?.”

“Isa-Welly came into my life at a point where I knew I needed to make changes, but I didn’t even fully know what those changes were or how to begin. Mentally I was completely overwhelmed, physically I felt estranged from my body and was constantly moving from one health plan to another in an endless pursuit of finding what worked to make me feel good. I needed to focus, and I needed support, so I decided to work with Welly. 

Before this program I felt so lost and now I feel motivated and empowered. Welly has given me the tools to help me move things forward in my life. She has helped me reconnect to my body and learn how to nourish myself and feel good, inside and out. Above all she has helped me connect with what I want and helped me move towards those goals.”

Francesca B.

Francesca B.

“Isa-Welly came into my life at a point where I knew I needed to make changes, but I didn’t even fully know what those changes were or how to begin. Mentally I was completely overwhelmed, physically I felt estranged from my body and was constantly moving from one health plan to another in an endless pursuit of finding what worked to make me feel good. I needed to focus, and I needed support, so I decided to work with Welly. 

Before this program I felt so lost and now I feel motivated and empowered. Welly has given me the tools to help me move things forward in my life. She has helped me reconnect to my body and learn how to nourish myself and feel good, inside and out. Above all she has helped me connect with what I want and helped me move towards those goals.”

Rebeka K.

“Everyone who works full time and living a busy London life knows it’s not easy to find time for yourself, whether it’s cooking, exercising or just relaxing.Having Welly guide me during a very busy professional time of my life has been life saving.
Action, action action! She will always push you to action your thoughts and your dreams. She will give you her support to make those dreams come true.
If I could, I would take Welly with me back to Sweden to all my friends to show them how to prioritise their health and get their life together! 

Now that you’ve heard how “Reconnect & Thrive” has had seriously positive results with previous members, let’s dive into what you’ll get when you sign up!

The Reconnect & Thrive

12 weeks program

Through the 12 week program, YOU and I will virtually meet weekly for 1h30

During our weekly calls, we’ll cover 6 key wellbeing pillars



Finding your purpose will be the catalyst in bringing about tremendous and deep change, helping you stay on track with your journey even when you’re tempted to give up. With this pillar, expect to practice some eye-opening coaching exercises that will provide deep insight into your heart and mind.



With 3 sessions covering nutrition over the 12-week program, we’ll customize a naturopathic plan tailored to your body’s specific needs. I will help you build your own food culture, one that suits your lifestyle, your needs, and of course, your tastebuds. The goal? Shift you from restriction to abundance without sacrificing your health. These Naturopathic Nutrition sessions are thorough and dive deeply into your medical history to understand and support your whole being.



During this session, we’ll craft a movement game plan that leaves you feeling energized and ready to take on the world. Do you prefer high-impact and high intensity workouts? Or are you a slow and powerful muscle builder? Whatever way your body responds to movement and exercise, we’ll uncover the best workouts and tutorials for you, customizing a plan that’s easy to stick with and gets you results.

*As a bonus, you will also get access to my online Pilates courses! Bring on the buuurrrrrnn!

Emotional wellness

Emotional wellness

As a trained coach and nutritionist, one of the most common issues I encounter is emotional eating. It’s a fundamental part of our body response to scarcity, and often times, we do it without even realizing. During the program, we’ll create a strategy to support yourself in other ways so that you aren’t tempted to reach for the wine and the chocolate bar at the end of a long day or in response to heightened feelings. We’ll also explore your current emotional health and how you respond to it, understanding the triggers and building tools to alleviate stress when it presents itself.



Our discussions on mindfulness will reconnect you with the benefits of being present and living in the now. Throughout the program, we’ll compile tools that provide you support for your emotional and physical wellbeing. From breathwork, meditation, journaling exercises, energy healing and EFT, I will support this pivotal part of your journey, exploring and determining the best methods that work for you. We’ll also cover the benefits of proper sleep hygiene to ensure you’re getting sound, quality rest so that you can be primed for success throughout your day.



While setting boundaries can be a daunting thought (you are a passionate, driven person who wants to step up for everyone, after all), we’ll dive deep into your schedule and how you can truly balance it all. Because by consistently putting yourself last, you’ll find yourself depleted and ultimately unable to give anything to anyone. Together, we’ll help you establish healthy boundaries without the burnout, the drama, and with plenty of compassion.

These pillars will be the cornerstones of this program, guiding and encouraging you throughout your journey so that you can emerge a healthier and happier person on a truly holistic level.

And to make sure you have everything you need to take action and step into your power through holistic wellbeing,

you’ll also get access to special bonuses…

Bonus #1

Get 3 month access to Reset Reconnect Thrive nutrition program including meal plans and over 50 delicious and easy to make recipes - Worth 397£

Bonus #2

3-month access to Dynamic Pilates series, Level 1 Pilates course worth 200£

Bonus #3

Pay in full and get 12-month access to the entire “Isa-Welly Digital Store" of Nutrition and pilates courses. Worth over 1000£

(Available for payments made in full only)

Marissa W.

I am so grateful to Welly for the amazing coaching she gave me. I knew I wanted to make some changes with my lifestyle and nutrition and have always struggled with how to eat healthily. I felt like there were so many different opinions and views online about what’s healthy and what isn’t, I was forever confused about what changes I should be trying or doing to have longer term success with my weight, nutrition habits, and finding a way to workout that is sustainable for me long term. I didn’t want a quick fix or crazy diet, but more wanted to learn more about food and what’s good for me to make long term changes more sustainable and easier because I would understand them.

We spoke a lot about my beliefs around what I wanted to look and feel like rather than what I thought I should look and feel like, which made a huge difference to me as well. I carried many beliefs with me since my childhood that I haven’t really spoken about or healed until I went through Welly’s coaching program.

My biggest wins have been:

  • Feeling more motivated, energetic, healthy and lighter in my body every day.
  • Respecting my body and loving myself enough to heal my beliefs around my body, health, and weight.
  • Starting off a pregnancy in an amazing place with my fitness and exercise.
  • So far, a wonderfully healthy and what feels like by far my best pregnancy yet (my third pregnancy) as a direct result of the lasting effect from our work together.
  • A newfound love for Pilates!!! So good.

Here are some of the breakthroughs you’ll experience with

Reconnect & Thrive

  Nourishing and healing nutrition and fitness plans based on your body’s metabolism and response to exercise

   Expertise and guidance from a licensed nutritionist for a life-long path to sustained health.

   Finesse that first hour of your morning (Soulful hour) to get in tune with yourself and boost output and productivity throughout the day.

   Learn to establish work, life and personal boundaries so that you can give your energy efficiently and with intention.

   Deep understanding of your emotional wellness so that you can identify triggering moments before they arise.

   Discover your ideal sleep and hygiene routines to maximize your resting times.

Investment £3300

Payment plan available 

From full body restoration through nutrition and movement, to emotional wellness and mind alignment, together, we’ll help you reset, re-align and rediscover the power of total healing!

So what happens next?

Book a FREE consultation call to see if we’re a perfect match!

To guide our conversation, click the button below and fill out a short questionnaire before our call so I can get a better understanding of your headspace and intention.

The End Result?

    A STRONG AND POWERFUL BODY and the tools necessary to sustain it long-term.

    A WELL OF ENERGY and an increased APPETITE FOR LIFE so you can get that promotion, negotiate that pay raise, write that novel, run that marathon, ANYTHING!

    A strong foundation of WELLNESS HABITS to support a body, mind and soul alignment so you can live your life with CLARITY, FOCUS AND A RENEWED COMMITMENT to yourself.

    A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING of how nutrition works with your physical body and what it needs to perform optimally.


Don’t let the fear of beginning keep you from placing health at the centre of your life!

These tools for success will fast-track your growth and are designed to help you go through life with love, ease and freedom.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve covered a lot, so I know you must have questions.

But don’t worry, because I have answers.

Are nutritional supplements included in the cost?

No, nutritional supplements are not included in the program, but by enrolling today, you’ll get 10% off all supplements from Natural Dispensary (UK only).

Will there be any testing?

This is on a case-by-case basis. We will be able to assess whether or not testing is needed after our initial chat and first nutrition consultation.

Can you guarantee I will feel better after our time together?

There are no quantifiable guarantees with my program, but I will say that by implementing a healthier diet, fitness routine and mindfulness habits, you will have a transformed outlook on life, health and your relationships, including the one you have with yourself.

How much work is needed from me?

While I cannot put a specific time stamp on this course, I can say that this is an extremely personal journey, and you will get out of this program what you put into it.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, I offer a monthly payment plan over the course of 3 months.

Can we have a chat to see if this is for me?

Yes! I offer a FREE 30-45 min introductory call to make sure that this journey would be a perfect fit for you.

I’m too busy and won’t have the time, how much work is required?

This is a journey commitment, and you will get out of it what you put in. However, if you need to budget your schedule, you can expect to spend an extra 1.5-2 hours/week on mindfulness exercises outside of our weekly calls.

Imagine how much different your life could look if you…

   Had the emotional, physical and mental stamina to go after those big dreams that have been nagging you for years.

   Lived your life actively and with intention instead of like a mindless zombie going through the motions of complacency and monotony.

   Felt more energised, relaxed and confident so you could be more productive and conduct your life with meaning and purpose.

   Found your well of love, abundance and joy overflowing into the other significant relationships in your life.

Investment £3300

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your wellbeing and your life

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