Quick Breaky. Overnight Oats
You can never go wrong with an overnight Oat bowl. It’s the easiest thing to make. You don’t need to cook, it’s a just a matter of mixing and stirring!

Overnight Oats is a perfect option for you, if you have no time to eat at home but still want something healthy and filling to take with you.

Oats are delicious, affordable and a great source of fibre, so try to incorporate them in your diet every now and then. They are naturally gluten free but if you have sensitivity or celiac go fo the Gluten free option, which means they have not been potentially cross contaminated with gluten.

This one is my go-to because I love anything Coconut but also because the apple bring the natural sweetness. What’s great with this recipe is that it also tastes amazing warm.

So in the morning, if you wake up earlier or just want to have it warm..you just put in the pan and warm it up for a few minutes.

I use Coconut Water and cut pieces of apples as a base. Then Throw in your oats and stir it. No sugar needed. Leave it to rest in the fridge overnight.

Next morning add some fruits.

Warm option: pour it in a pot and add some coconut milk or just water. Stir it a few times , just warm it up gently at low heat. You don’t want it to dry up. Keep topping up with bits of water or milk to keep it creamy and gooey…


1 cup of Coconut Water

¼ cup of Oats

1 tbsp Chia Seeds

1 tbsp Shredded Coconut

½ an Apple Grated or Cut in teeny bits


A pinch of Cinnamon

Fresh Fruits, Nut Butter or/and Nuts and Seeds Mix for toppings


In a glass Jar, pour your Coconut Water and Gratted Apple and mix together. Then add Oats, Seeds, Coconut, Vanilla, Cinnamon. Stir well and let it rest. Put the lid on the jar and leave it in the fridge overnight for at least 2h. The longer the better…. You want the oats to really soak the flavours.

In the morning, top it up with fruits and take it with you or eat immediately.

This bowl is also delicious warm. Instead of adding fruits in the morning, pour the oats mix in a pan and warm it up for a few minutes. Stir often and add some Coconut Milk to make it creamy.

I like using Nuts, Seeds, Almond butter as well as fruits to top up the warm version.

Enjoy xx

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