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Pilates workout for your digestive system

If you haven’t got the hint yet, this is a workout to stimulate your digestive system i.e your poo 😉

Poo is one of my favourite “health” topics. It’s still very much a taboo thing, which I get in the sense that it can sound a bit gross or inappropriate if you start going on about your toilet visits during your lunch break with your colleagues. There is definitely a time and place for it.

But since I am a trainee nutritionist, wellness coach and pilates instructor and that we are amongst us #isawellycommunity, you can go ahead and share your poo troubles or victories with me.

So many of us struggle with digestive issues, may that be bloating, constipation, reflux, gas that I think it’s important for you to know you aren’t on your own. More than 50% of patients I see in clinics suffer with digestive symptoms . Many of them can be prevented with a more balanced diet but tools like breath work and exercising can also help.

So here is a sweet and short Pilates flow you can do in the morning or evening before bed to get things flowing and hopefully feeling lighter.

Let me know how it goes x


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