7min Pilates Barre for your legs and bum

The good thing with Barre workouts is that you can pretty much do them anywhere with or without a barre.

This 7min glutes and legs routine will help you define your legs muscles and lift your bum up (and I’m sure you want to) if you do them regularly. Add this to your next 2 weeks exercise routine and do it 5days a week. I promise you will start feeling and seeing the difference

It goes without saying that, you can’t exercise, then destroy a plate of fried plantains (my favourite!!) everyday and expect to gain muscle definition. What you eat is just as important (if not more) as how much you exercise.

That’s exactly where I was two years ago. When I stopped dancing full time, I put on lots of weight and was very sad about it. But I wasn’t doing ANYTHING about it. Well, yes I was. Moaning and eating more plantains.

I eventually decided to drag my ass to the gym (despite my dislike for it), and see what would happen. I became obsessed with it, and enjoyed it so much that I would go 6 times in the week. But sadly NOTHING was changing in my body, in terms of weight or muscle definition.

It’s only when I stopped eating certain types of food at night, and started using weights that I went back to my healthy bodyweight.That’s when I realised that even if I worked out crazy, but ate just as crazy, nothing would change.

So all that to say, if you know your healthy bodyweight and already have it, great. If you don’t but workout a lot, you might want to see a nutritionist or chat with your PT to see if you can tweak a few things in your diet. But PLEASE don’t stop eating and go on a mad juice, or whatever trend is going out there, it is the worst thing you can do to your body.

Ok back to our video of the day, It’s only 7min so grab your leggings and give it a go.

Happy workout and Don’t forget to stretch at the end (Video is below)




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