New year, New workout. Calories burner, Pilates and Barre fusion

Happy 2020 my beauties….

What a better way then to start this decade together, and bless my new website with a fun Pilates and Barre fusion workout??

If you’re anything like me, over the holidays you didn’t too much, and are now eager to get back into the groove on things.

This full body workout covers all ground, lower body, glutes ,abs and all these little muscles we have forgotten about for a hot minute 😉

Like most my workouts this is safe as it is low impact but medium to high intesity depending on your level. You may also burn a few calories on the way.

If you have set your mind to getting stronger, boosting your stamina and sculpting your body, committ to this workout for the next 4weeks, by doing it  3 times a week.

Alright, get your comfy set on, grab your water, your mat and let’s have it!

If you’ve enjoyed this workout or know a friend that can do with a little motivation please share this video with them

Let me know how you get on in the comments below 

Welly x

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  1. Sophie

    Thank you so much for this video! I used to love your classes at Blok, but haven’t been able to go to any since having a baby and moving to south London. I did this with one of your Spotify playlists – not as good as the real thing but my body feels awake for the first time in ages 🙂 <3


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