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Let’s get sweaty and jam!

My signature IsaWelly Pilates classes are a unique blend of cardio, pilates and strength accompanied by a killer playlist that will get your blood pumping and your brow dripping. 

My classes are low impact (so safe for injuries), but don’t be deceived: I’ll get you working and feeling that buuuuuurn. 

I focus on improving fitness levels by building a strong core and getting that ballerina flexibility going, using a mix of classical and fusion pilates exercises.

The goal? Lengthen, Sculpt and Strengthen.

Hello strong new body!

My approach to exercise is fresh, fun yet rigorous. When we’re on the mat, we focus and give it all but we have fun with it. I believe you gotta enjoy it to stick to it. And life’s too short to hate your work out, right?!

Wanna be stronger? More flexible? Boost your moral?

I’m your girl.

What’s on the schedule?

Online Pilates Classes

My pilates classes are dynamic, challenging, a whole lot of fun and different! While I trained in and use STOTT Pilates principles, I make sure my workouts are unique, exciting and groovy. It’s not about getting bored on the mat 😉

7£ / class           28 £ / 5 class package

Here is a snippet of my Pilates flow


No refunds on classes or packages.  

Terms and conditions

The 5 class package is valid 7days only

Classes are happening via ZOOM which you will need to download on your device to follow the classes. Make sure you can do so and test it before purchasing a class.

Client’s Love

I did my first class with Welly about two years ago and have kept her under my radar since then! It was finally a different kind of Pilates than most mainstream ones: very energetic, incredibly cool and smooth, never boring with the always changing exercises and fine tunes that keep you going. I found myself stronger and leaner very fast, though I always end up every class with burning abs and shaking legs! I’ve recommended the class to many friends and it never disappoints. Oh… Did I mention Welly’s body?! Ultimate goal. 

Evelyna Leferink – Fashion Collection Manager

A devotee of Welly’s classes, I adore her rhythm and musicality.  Her online classes are uplifting and full of vibe, with *the* best tunes which is lucky because that keeps you in the zone when the pilates gets tough…and there’s no hiding when you get personal adjustments from Welly over video! I used to think pilates was tame but this most definitely is not and thanks to Welly I’m in the best shape I’ve been for years (even compared to my long distance running days) – strong and toned and with back gripes a thing of the past. 

Sophie Solomon (Violinist/Composer)

I adore Welly’s classes, I’m basically addicted. She paces them perfectly, takes the energy up precisely, plays the best music; she really understands the individual bodies and capacities of her students so is particularly good at pushing me a little further if she knows I’ve got it in me (even if I don’t), but also at getting me to dial it down, if I’m being ridiculous. I’ve walked into her class with some annoying lower back pain in the past, walked out feeling incredible and totally mobile. It’s like medicine.

She also has some of the best energy I’ve ever encountered. I never don’t enjoy her classes, I’ve never once had to make myself go; they feel like a treat. Through lockdown, her online sessions are keeping me sane, mobile and strong. Also, she’s a *major* contributor in my ab definition.

Polly Vernon

I go to Isa’s class at every chance I get! Both online and in person: I’ve never found another pilates class which has the warmth, energy and pace that Isa brings :). Her flows are tough enough to make you sweat but so fun you hardly notice. I leave each class feeling truly uplifting and positive thanks to her support and also the order of her flows which contain a lot of stretching and rest poses as well as abs and butt killers! Cannot recommend more – a mood-lifting body-toning delight <3.

Bertie Brandes – Writer

Welly’s classes are just like her, tough and fun! Every time I enter a class I know it will be challenging and I’ll have to work my butt off, but it just feels too damn good!! Her love for dance and music is transferred into every class and her chilled but inspiring energy is really what got me hooked. I can feel my body strengthening in just a couple of weeks. I always leave her class feeling stronger and a more powerful woman! All the love for this stunning lady!

Belma Kapetanovic – Bespoke picture framer carpenter

‘I got hooked to Welly’s classes since I did the first one few weeks back! Whether it’s Pilates or Hip Hop Barre, I know that she will encourage and inspire me to do better and challenge myself beyond my own limits. Her class makes you feel like you are constantly evolving, getting stronger and healthier. Every class has a different approach which doesn’t allow you to sit back into routine and as soon as you think things might get little bit easier she shouts out ‘HOOOLD’…. Anyone and everyone should join her on the mat, whether it is for physical or mental health, as there is no other better. ”

Naurija Ziukaite -Hospitality

 Ready to feel stronger and boost your moral?

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