• You want to lose weight but not sure where to start amid all the fad diets and information out there
  • Perhaps you have started but things aren’t going as well as you’d hope
  • You struggle because you feel like you’re living a restricted life and cannot fully relax and enjoy your favourite foods
  • You feel the need to constantly micromanage your meals
  • Which makes it unsustainable to maintain the weight loss when it happens
  • Sometimes you feel disappointed in yourself because you can’t seem to stick to the new diet you have embarked upon
  • You are tired of the yo-yo

Do you know some of the reasons why you are struggling to lose weight?

  • you are not consistent in your habits
  • you are dieting
  • you possibly misunderstand the root cause of your weight gain

Diets don’t work. Lasting change does.


What about removing the pressure and designing a weight loss journey that is realistic to your lifestyle and your physiological needs?

What about learning to build lasting habits that will help you achieve YOUR healthy body weight AND maintain it?

What about having a kinder approach based on abundance, joy as opposed to restriction and frustration?

If you’re nodding, thinking yes Welly, this is what I need, then keep reading.

But…if you are looking for a magic formula to help you lose weight in no time, then you can stop now because this course is NOT about that.

    Reaching YOUR healthy body weight? Absolutely. 

    But in a KIND, SUSTAINABLE, and LASTING way.

    It’s a lifestyle change, not a diet.

    In this course we’ll cover

    • The weight loss journey: adopt the right approach
    • Common challenges in weight loss: physiological, physical and technical challenges
    • Understanding and targeting the root cause of your weight gain
    • Necessary Mindset shifts  for success
    • Nutrition “key principles” to achieve weight loss
    • Most effective nutrition plan and recipes to reach and maintain your healthy body weight

    Launch Price 97£ 57£


    Due to the nature of the content (digital) once purchased the course is NON REFUNDABLE

    Here’s the truth

    If you have started a weight loss journey a while back , have been yo yo ing, the chances are that either

      • you are confused about what to eat and not eat… and at what time
      • you are jumping from a diet to another
      • You are unaware of possible physiological shifts and imbalances happening in your body
      • you are restricting yourself then going back to regular habits (hint: both your body and mind dislike AND REBEL against restriction)

      It’s not always about the food. Yes, weight loss does happen in the kitchen but many components come into play and if you aren’t aware of them you may be losing time, money, and emotional bandwidth.

      Course Curriculum


      The best approach to weight loss

      Lesson 1

      Body acceptance or Weight Loss for health

      Lesson 2

      Common weight loss challenges and how to resolve them

      Lesson 3

      Necessary mindset shifts for success

      Lesson 4

      Key Nutrition principles to adopt for weight loss

      Lesson 5

      A 4-week Nutrition Kickstart Plan for Weight Loss

      Bonus Lesson

      How to build consistency


      Low calories smoothies


      10 healthy weight loss friendly recipes


      Meal ideas for weight loss


      Meal Prep Sheet

      This self study course will:

      • Arm you with tools to understand the root cause of your weight gain
      • Empower you to make the right nutrition choices and stick to them
      • Teach you how to eat  to achieve weight loss and optimal health
      • Challenge your mindset around body acceptance vs weight loss as a way to improve your health
      • Get you excited about food instead of feeling restricted and frustrated
      • Help you build accountability and consistency
      • Teach you to be patient and kinder to yourself

      Launch Price 97£ 57£


      Due to the nature of the content (digital) once purchased the course is NON REFUNDABLE

      When you enrol onto this course you’ll get:

        • 5 Mindset and Nutrition for weight management classes- Valued at 125£
        • A 4 week nutrition plan to help you achieve YOUR healthy body weight – Valued at 99 £
        • A Training on how to build consistency
        • A sheet of my favourite low calorie yet delicious smoothies – 9£
        • 10 healthy, nourishing, and well balanced recipes – 9£
        • Weight management meal ideas – 9£
        • 20% OFF a 1-2-1 90min support session with myself (Valid until July 30th 2021) 
        • LIFETIME access to the course including any new additions to it in the future

        TOTAL COURSE VALUE: 299£

        But you’ll only pay 57£!

        Launch Price 97£ 57£


        Due to the nature of the content (digital) once purchased the course is NON REFUNDABLE

        Frequently asked questions

        I don’t live in the UK, can I still do this course?

        Yes you can access the course from anywhere in the world as long as you have a digital device with access to the internet

        Is it a live course? Do I need to be available at a specific time to do this?

        No, it’s a self-study course you can do whenever suits you. You can do the whole course in one go or over a week. I suggest you do it over a few days or a week to allow yourself to integrate all the information.

        Do I get a daily plan of the exact meals to eat?

        No you don’t. You get a plan on what you need to have on a daily and weekly basis in your meals. You get 10 detailed recipes. You get meal ideas that are healthy and weight loss friendly.The goal of the course is to empower YOU to build a realistic and self tailored plan based on my recommendations. 

        What if I need more support?

        You have 20% off a 90min session with me where we can dive in deeper and do a TAILORED plan together for you. Session is 99£ instead of 125£. Spaces are limited for this.

        Are the videos on youtube or video?

        No, the classes are hosted on a learning platform via my website

        Do I need props or anything for this course?

        A journal and pen to take notes, answer some coaching exercises

        Can I be refunded if the course is not working for me?

        No, the course is non-refundable because it’s a small digital course. If you are on the fence, drop me an email with your questions

        I have underlying health challenges. How do I know if this is suitable for me?

        Drop me a short email with your diagnosis or current symptoms and I will let you know. 

        How long do I have access to this course?