Morning rituals…Does it actually work?
Morning rituals sound cliche for some but for me it has been a life saviour. This year I have experienced a huge mindset shift and I know it’s partially due to my morning rituals.

I’ve been feeling calmer, more in control of my reactions to situations and much more centered.

It has also increased my focus and my inner happiness by 1000%!

And I truly believe that it’s because every single day I take the time to thank the universe for all my blessings.

Now what exactly do I do during my morning rituals and how long does it last?

It can last anything between 10 to 30min depending how long I have.On weekends, I treat myself to a full hour on the mat.

My rituals start with a large glass of water, then time on the mat, then breaky.  My time on the mat is my favourite where I really get to connect with myself.

I share my tips, and what I get up to, once on the mat In this homemade 6min video

Get it now, to hopefully learn some tips and get inspired x

Get my morning rituals here


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