Lush Chocolate Smoothie
A cheeky chocolate smoothie never hurts does it?! This one is rich and very satisfying!

I actually have this as a snack or dessert if I fancy something sweet after a meal. Especially during the weekend…

The pukka Cacao Magic has Aswhangada which is a powerful adaptogen that has plenty of benefits. It possibly lowers your cortisol levels, reduce your stress and anxiety and much more.

Herbs are super powerful so always check with your doctor you are ok to use them. Especially if you have health challenges.

Right now the recipe…..

2 cups of Almond Milk–1/3 cup of Gluten Free Oats

1/2 a Frozen banana

1 tbsp of Pukka Cacao Maca Magic –2 tbsp of Almond Butter

2 tbsp of Maple Syrup—2 droplets of Pure Vanilla Essence

Toppings: Granola, Shredded Coconut, Dark Chocolate, Broken Hazelnuts, Almond Butter….

Recipe: Blend all ingredients. Add toppings of your choice and demolish

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