Lift your Butt a la Barre

Butt lift a la Barre

Barre Routine to tone up your bum


If you want strong legs and (ladies) a natural “no doctor” butt lift , you need to do some basics ballet and barre exercises.

In this video I show you a 5min routine you can do everyday without an actual barre.

This is a full body workout, but you will feel it the most in your thighs and gluts. It’s only 5minutes long, which makes it easy to repeat once or twice on each side.

You can do this at the gym before your usual workout, or you can repeat it 4x to turn it into a 20min Barre Workout!

Barre Workout is Ballet based and having practiced ballet myself for over 20years I can assure you that it is one of the toughest low impact exercises you can put your body through. I often say that 1h of Ballet Class is worth 3 sessions at the gym! So if you have the opportunity, get yourself into a beginner ballet class to treat your body to beauty, art and fitness!

Get your self started with this 5min Barre Routine and build it up every week from there.

ps: Don’t forget to share this with your friends who’d love a juicy and perky bum!

Have a great week


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