Do these to keep your body young and flexible

“A man is a young as his spinal column”  Joseph Pilates

The quote says it all. Keep your spine moving, if you want to keep your body young.

In today’s video we go through 3 classic Pilates exercises, that work the core but also really emphasis on your spine flexibility.

Give them a go, and let me know your thoughts.

If you get stuck, go back to doing some of my basic stretching exercises as often as you can. I get my clients to stretch every single morning and the difference in their bodies after 6 weeks is amazing!

If you never ever stretch, start with once or twice a week, ideally in the morning or evening before bed. Once the habit is set in, do it more often.

You will be amazed at how your body can shift and, do things you thought only others could do. Be consistent and patient with it all.

See you on the mat


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