How was it?…5 more for your core
How did you do with last month Pilates core exercises? If you haven’t had a chance to have a look at them yet, here is the link

These are great to add to your daily or weekly gym routine. Make sure to warm up before workout and cool down after.

Today’s video is Level 2 and will challenge your core even more. If you have regular back pain, take it easy and stick to Core Level 1 until you feel comfortable before moving up a level.

I do these core combos in pretty much all my pilates classes. It really gives my clients that extra push they need to challenge themselves a little more every time.

As a personal trainer I am always making sure my clients are safe before putting them into intense workouts. Make sure you have the all clear from your doctor before exercising.

Listen to your body, Honour it and don’t force yourself into any position you aren’t ready for.

See you on the mat…


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