Hello from Africa and Dance Video

…..and Relax

I thought I’d share this fun dance video I filmed with two of my clients on Friday before flying out to Abidjan. I DEEPLY LOVE how much these beautiful ladies have grown in confidence  (allowing me to share this with you!!!) and how INCREDIBLE they are! They make me enjoy my job so much more. And as a fact it doesn’t feel AT ALL like a job!

So I hope that you will enjoy this as much as we did and feel inspired by it.

But before sharing the video, I want to very quickly share something with you and ask for YOUR valued and vital opinion.

I’m away on holidays in Abidjan (Ivory Coast Capital) with my boyfriend relaxing and spending some quality time with my family.

I’ve been DREAMING for this break, for sooooo long. I haven’t been in a good place the past few months, and I know it is partly because I haven’t taken time off to REALLY disconnect and recharge.

This has created a mega chaos in my head, and as a result I’ve been in a place of doubt and confusion in my work life.


WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG? But more importantly How can I serve YOU better? What do you want to read or see here?

I’d be so so so GRATEFUL  if you could spare  a minute and reply to this email letting me know, what content YOU LIKE  or WANT  to be getting from me. What would INSPRE YOU THE MOST to lead a healthy lifestyle? Pilates videos? Fitness videos? Dance Videos? Self development articles? Recipes?

Just click reply to this email, and share your thoughts with me.

I will be off the website for the next 6 weeks, to decompress, feed my creativity and come back with meaningful and more importantly useful content to YOU. But I NEED YOUR HELP to do so.

Meanwhile you can follow my colourful and exciting west african adventures here.

I hope to read YOU very soon my dear

Enjoy our little dance below….

Written by Welly


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