Grab your glass of red and Let’s dance baby!
Ok ladies, Spring is here, the days are getting warmer, longer and I’m absolutely buzzing! I think this is the perfect time to share this dance tutorial I filmed last year (When I grew my hair for a hot minute)

Whoop Whoop, Bring on summer! I’m so ready for it!

This Winter  has been so tough on my body. I’ve suffered from Chronic Hives for 3 years, so both my Gp and Nutritionist have decided to put me on a pseudo allergen diet to find out the trigger. I’ve also discovered through blood test that I have Candida so again working around it that has been tough!

I’m still on both diets that consist mainly of lean meat, oily fish and vegetables above ground. ZERO sugar.

For me this is hardcore because I eat a LOT of Carbs, not so much the overly processed ones(pasta, white bread etc…) but more like sweet potatoes, fruits, good starch like beetroot, butternut squash…you know the juicy staff!

Well. It’s been a struggle to stay away from those and eat Kale, Spinach and Fennel most of the time! So bored of it! But my urticaria is practically gone so I NEED TO STOP MOANING AND GET ON WITH IT!

My diet is very closely followed by my nutritionist . As a student in Nutrition myself, I don’t do diets and don’t believe in them unless it has a medical purpose. So please if you ever decide to embark on one, get support from a specialist.When it comes for aesthetics, diets shouldn’t be the first option, a change of lifestyle is the answer. It takes time, it’s not as fast but the results are there to stay.

Right enough about diets and all that, Grab your glass of red wine and let’s have fun!! Click the video below to learn the dance!

I just watched this video again and I smiled all the way at how pumped, happy and silly I always am when Im dancing…..and you know how much I love sharing my first passion (dance ) with you, so please do send me a video or picture when you learn it!

Much love x

Written by Welly


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