Gentle Morning Pilates Workout

This Gentle Morning Pilates workout is such a great way to wake your body up, move your spine and increase flexibility. If you often wake up feeling tight in the back or the hips this workout is for you. It’s short, low impact and easy to fit into your morning routine.

Talking about morning routine, do you have one? Or do you free flow it? 

I personally love mornings because it’s the one moment where I can choose how I want to feel for the rest of the day. So I try to spend it doing things that make me feel good, give me energy and increase my focus for the rest of the day.

When it comes to my morning routine, I do like it flexible but I have 2 non negotiables.

  • 1L of Water After 9hours without food or water the body is dehydrated so hydrating it first thing in the morning will do wonders. The water will also help you wake up, support your gut motility and give you some energy. 
  • Movement (Yoga, Pilates or Gym). Studies have shown that exercising in the morning increases focus, productivity and mood for the rest of the day. For me personally, it makes me feel great, it energises me and I feel a sense of accomplishment that motivates me to keep my day on the right track.

My absolute NO in the morning is going online.

While some rare times I may skip morning movement, the one thing I really try to avoid is to go online, check emails or social media before I sit on my desk. Sometimes I even push this to later on around 1pm. Reason why is that I like creating my own content , getting my creative juice flowing before I go out there in the world to see what’s happening and ultimately be influenced by it.

I do personally think that having a routine that is unique to you, that you are looking forward to is a positive way to start the day. Of course it doesn’t have to include a workout, meditation or anything like that, but having a moment for yourself where you can be mindful will definitely increase your sense of wellbeing.

Walk the dog, have your morning tea calmly without your phone, eat your breakfast without distractions, have some quiet time in the bathroom while you’re doing your makeup or cleansing your face. 

One of the key rules to make sure that your morning is mindful and yours is to actually keep it yours (and your young kids if you have some). Avoid going online, reading the news, using social media or even reading messages and emails.

Spend that first hour of the day investing in your wellbeing, replenish yourself and set yourself up for a good day.

If you need support in building a healthy lifestyle including improving your nutrition, moving your body more often, being more mindful and present, assessing your emotional health, email me to book a free consultation.

We can have tea and chat over Zoom and see how I can support you in your health journey.


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