Food Guilt.You’ve eaten it ….now what?!
Unfortunately feeling guilty about food is very common.

When you think about it, guilt and regret don’t solve anything. If anything, they make things worse, by letting you go down on a stress spiral of anxiety and self hate.

Really not needed. Yet, hard to control at times. I know this because I’ve struggled with food guilt a lot this year. The past 9 months, I have been on and off on strict diets of minimal sugar in attempt to heal my gut naturally from bacteria (yeast) overgrowth. Now for someone who counts wine and bread as two of her favourite things in the world, you can only imagine how that feels.

Every time I slipped and ate something I shouldn’t I would be so so angry at myself for slowing down the healing process, that I would ultimately make my gut issues worse.

Now this is what happens in our body when we are stressing.

Stress put our bodies in a “fight or flight mode” which affects our digestive system by slowing it down.

It makes it harder for the body to digest the food because in a stress mode we produce less digestive juice.

So the best thing you can do after a meal (regardless of what it is) is to relax and allow the body to step into “Rest and Digest”.

This state allows your digestive system to produce more secretions that will allow your meal to be digested smoothly.

If you’ve eaten something you didn’t want, or you think you shoud have stay away from, let it go. You will do better tomorrow. It’s one meal .


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Written by Welly


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