5 days "FEEL GOOD"
FREE pilates challenge

This Pilates challenge for experienced students will get you out of your comfort zone, increase your strength and stamina, deepen your body mind connexion  and make you feel soooo DAMN GOOD!

Here's what you'll get

A daily class of 20min directly to your inbox. 

You will be challenged out of your comfort zone

You will increase your strength and stamina

You will get more flexible

Your endorphins will be UP doing a little dance and making you FEEL GOOD

Strength and flexibility

The daily classes will challenge you, build more strength in your body and help you increase flexibility everyday

Lift your mood up

You will do exercises that will lift your mind up, get rid of seasonal low mood and empower to show up for yourself everyday

Body and mind

These classes will give you the space and structure to bring awareness and deepen your body and mind connexion


Monday, November 15th

Challenge will end Friday November 20th

I'm Isa-Welly,

that pilates teacher that actually makes you fall in love with moving your body 

One thing I know for sure is that movement has a power beyond its physical aspect. Movement can make you feel calmer, more energised, it can give you the confidence to go ask for that pay rise, or strut down the street in your favourite jeans. But more importantly it can heal your mind, pull you out of the dark and increase your joy. 

Movement can make you feel good. Good in body, mind and spirit.

And I know that because I've been practicing and teaching dance then pilates for over 20 years!

With a community of over 120.000 students, I've seen my dynamic, soul-lifting pilates classes lift up and transform many spirits!

And I want you to experience the same thing!

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The challenge is now closed

Let's get you FEELING GOOD

© IsaWelly

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