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Below are some resources I’ve created specifically to support you to stronger health while creating a positive an di,pactful life nad business. Have a browse and pick what feels best for you today

Are you a female creative entrepreneur wanting to build an impactful business without compromising your health?



Are you new to Pilates?? Start here. Experienced students, jump to the next section

A Pilates course for absolute beginners wanting to focus on slowly and safely building core strength without causing stress to the body. In this short course of 5 classes I teach you the fundamentals of Pilates you will need to build core strength, gain flexibility, and dramatically improve posture.

This 6 week program is a commitment to your health and wellbeing. With other 15 classes designed in a progression, you will experience increased strength, power and stamina. Your body will transform and so will your mind. Expect to feel stronger, and lighter in both body and mind.

Experienced Pilates students

You’ve been practising Pilates 3x a week for the past year or more

The  below dynamic series is not a progression Pilates series. 

You can start with any of those based on what you’d like to achieve.

Classes are medium paced, challenging yet nourishing for body, mind and soul

Podcast Episodes