Evening Stretch to improve the Quality of your Sleep

Improve the quality of your Sleep

“Change happens through movement and movement heals” Joseph Pilates

How many of us have at some point in our lives struggled with sleep? And this could be for various reasons, including back pain,joint pain, anxiety, stress and many other factors.

Last year, I struggled with anxiety for many months, and It really knocked me out physically. My body was drained and I couldn’t sleep at nights because my brain was constantly going. I would wake up exhausted, sleep in the day and was totally going around in a circle.

As much as I was tempted to fall into the “sleeping pills” trap, I knew deep down that I needed to be brave and face the issue from the roots and deal with it.

That’s when I introduced Evening rituals.  It was hard at the beginning but I had to show myself tough love because NO ONE ELSE was going to do it for me. Looking back I am glad I was on my own to deal with those dark days because my vulnerability opened the space for tremendous growth.

Stretching was part of the evening rituals. This was a way to slowly bring  the constant tension in my body down and get my mind to be fully present by focusing on my breathing.

It really helped me improve the quality of my sleep, because my body was way more relaxed.

It didn’t happen overnight, I had to stick to it for a little while and learn to surrender. Consistency is key when you want change in anything. So allow your mind and body to get used to new habits you introduce before giving up.

I hope you sleep better


ps: If You know anyone who struggles with Sleeping because of stress and anxiety please share this post included video below with them xx


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