For the first time I’m sharing a little piece of my heart, my home, my ancestor’s home with you…..

Pedakondji, a place of calm, peace, joy where you will be transported throughout this FEEL GOOD workout series


Step out of your comfort zone and explore

  Building a strong yet flexible body in a nourishing way

 Deepening your mind and body connection 

 Having a workout regimen that supports BOTH your physical and mental wellbeing

 Feeling joyful, empowered, and confident with each practice

  Bringing some warmth in your heart, your body, your soul, your home

 Simply Feeling good in body and mind

In this 3rd and very special Dynamic Pilates and Movement series, the focus is on FEELING. 

FEELING energized, grounded, lighter, stronger, lengthened, calmer, aligned 

Feeling GOOD through a series of classes that will strengthen, empower and beautify your body, mind, and soul

This series will boost your mood and lift up your soul


In this series, you will learn to…..

 build strength, power, and confidence especially through our “feel energised” and “feel strong” classes

  move freely in a way that is unique and feel good to you

  reduce stress, anxiety and leave all your troubles on the mat through our meditations and deep stretch classes

  energise your body for joyful and productive days

Last but not least you will connect in a powerful way with your body, you will nourish it, heal it, challenge it, and ultimately make it stronger


Let’s get you feeling energised, stronger, grounded

Let’s get you feeling GOOD!

Price $69/$87


Due to the nature of the content (digital) once purchased the course is NON REFUNDABLE

This course is IT. Challenging, fun and effective. As someone who struggles a lot just existing in my body the fact that Isa is the way she is, sunshine-y, gracious, involved, and involving makes any challenge seem manageable. Her energy rubs off on anyone. People often say it’s all about the journey. It’s all about the guide. 


Isa gets straight into the work with clear, succinct directions all delivered in her inimitable style. So much good stuff crammed into 20-30 minutes! Each session feels different. It helps me feel part of a community at a time where I am still stuck at home with small kids, and with precious little time to attend classes. More please!


Meet Your Teacher

If we’ve never met my name is Isa-Welly. Born and raised in Togo, I migrated to Paris with my family due to political unrest in 1994. Of course, through the years I’ve gone back home very often (almost yearly) until 2018.

So on my last  trip home here in (September 21) home I felt inspired to share it with you and to bring you a piece of my heart, a piece of my story, and a teeny little piece of Togo (West Africa)

Through this 3rd series of the Dynamic Pilates series, I wanted to step away a little bit from classical pilates exercises and bring you a mixture of different disciplines yoga, HIIT, pilates, dance and movements that will get you of your comfort zone but also make you FEEL GOOD 

Ex-professional dancer, Registered Nutritional Therapist, Wellbeing coach, Pilates teacher….it’s safe to say that my health, the core of my life relies on daily movement. Movement that feels good, movement that is nourishing to my body and soul.

Through this series, I want to inspire you to move in a way that feels so good to you that you can’t live without it…

This is what you get in this series

The “Feel Good” Classes

For you to feel fully immersed and transported to my village, the classes have no added music. You get to hear the birds and the life of the village in the background. I do have an exclusive set of playlists created for you to enjoy with the classes shall you wish to do so.

Feel energised – 25min

It’s a pilates-based class with a HIIT approach. Movements are repeated, fast-paced giving your cardio a run for its money. High vibes and energy class. 

Feel strong  – 25min

This class will embrace the inner god(dess), the inner warrior in you. The movements are rounded, strong, and powerful in this class. Pilates-based

Feel alive  – 25min

Channel your inner Jane Fonda. No mat is needed. Fun guarantee. A class to increase your endorphins and make you feel alive. You are going to love this class!

Feel free:  – 25min

Feel free, feel good. Flow with it. Move your body in a way that feels good to you.  This class feels liberating. Pilates Mat based.

Feel lighter  – 25min

Dynamic twists, turns, and intentional breathing patterns. The focus of this class is to support the body’s natural detoxification pathways. Filmed in my great grandparents home, this is a special one.

Feel lengthened  – 15min

Dynamic Deep Stretch to lengthen those muscles. A great class to do post high-intensity workouts or after a long day sitting down at the desk

Feel calmer  – 15min

A beautiful morning meditation to help you let go of what no longer serves you, ground yourself, and feel lighter in spirit and mind.

The Mini Classes

Wake up call – 12min

Wake up feeling tired with no time for a longer workout ??

Here is a quick boost of energy to help you increase focus and productivity through your morning. Class is fast-paced and strong.

Sound sleep – 12min

Gentle movement to release tension and stress after a long day at work.

Stop and Breathe 5min guided meditation

Quickly reset and feel calmer when you are feeling overwhelmed, busy, restless….

 I’m ready to feel lighter and stronger !!

Price 69£ / $87


Due to the nature of the content (digital) once purchased the course is NON REFUNDABLE

I love the creativity and originality of your moves. They work so many areas of my body that don’t get touched. Also I love how one thing flows into another and that you include a slow progress into each exercise. I love the stretching breaks too. You keep me mindful of how I am moving.


I discovered Isa on Youtube and fell in love with her style. This course is the perfect way to take it to the next level. I feel stronger, more confident and have a better awareness of my body. And her mix of flows and stretches keeps you from getting too sore, so you can keep going the next day. Highly recommend!



This course is for you if you:

  • want to feel physically challenged
  • want to feel lighter and stronger in mind AND body
  • want to exercise according to your mood 
  • want to feel stronger, more confident, and at ease in your body
  • want a different approach to your exercise routine
  • want to embrace your inner goddess
  • have experience with pilates or any mat based practice

This course is NOT for you if you:

  • are an absolute beginner
  • are looking for classical pilates workouts
  • aren’t keen on changing things up
  • have never done any mat-based practice
  • have not done any form of exercises in the past 12months 
  • have had recent surgery, sciatica, nerve damage, accident, injury, arthritis
  • have not been cleared by your doctor to exercise

The course has really made me more energetic.  The classes are the perfect length to fit into a busy schedule while still feeling like I’ve done something good for my body!


Isa Welly is a total original. She makes fitness fun, challenging, and feel new. I love her creative and mindful approach to the pilates tradition. Her videos make it easy and simple to show up for myself from home. I highly recommend her courses. 


This course is challenging but also so approachable and do-able. It got me back into doing Pilates on the daily. I love Isa’s classes. They are the most authentic course and videos I have ever done. I share her page with anyone that will hear it!


I am always so thrilled to move my body with Isa. Her Pilates videos, classes and courses have become a part of my daily routine and an important part of my self care routine. Whether you’re a brand new beginner or someone with experience in Pilates, Isa’s classes are a really fun way to connect with your body. 


I was looking for a daily, do-able fitness routine that I could fit into my hybrid and ever-changing work day. I found this series an ideal combination of easy-to-access expertise and do-able, engaging challenge. I appreciate Isa’s clear instructions and approachable, warm guidance.


 I’m ready to feel lighter and stronger !!

Price £69 / $87


Due to the nature of the content (digital) once purchased the course is NON REFUNDABLE

Frequently asked questions

I don’t live in the UK, can I still do this course?

Yes you can access the course from anywhere in the world as long as you have a digital device with access to the internet

I haven’t done series 1 and 2, can I do this one or will I be lost?

Yes, you can. The series are not made in progression. They have different feels and goals.

I’m an absolute beginner in Pilates but really want to do this series, will I be ok?

You will be challenged that’s for sure. Classes are medium to fast paced with advance queuing. I would suggest starting with my beginner’s or level 1, to first get the foundation of Pilates.

I’ve done your beginner’s transformation program, will I be ok?

You now have the foundation so I’d say go for it but expect to be challenged! There is a fairly big gap in between both.

Are the videos on youtube or video?

No, the classes are hosted on a learning platform via my website.

Do I need props for this course?

No you don’t.

Can I be refunded if the classes are not working for me?

No, the course is non-refundable because it’s a digital course. If you are on the fence, I suggest you try my power pilates class to have a feel of my teaching style and what to expect

I've had surgery/sciatica/nerve damage, can I do this course?

No, this course is not safe for you if you are injured and have had recent surgery. You will need the all-clear of your doctor. Your doctor has to give you a written or verbal consent stating you are safe to practice Pilates, Yoga, HIIT in a group setting WITHOUT supervision.

How long do I have access to this course?

Lifetime access

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