Does Valentine’s Day make you feel a little shitty?
If you’re single, Valentine’s day celebrations can be a little depressing, especially if you are wanting to meet someone and haven’t just yet.

I know it because I’ve felt it many times in the past. I was single 9 years in total during my adult life. Once in my early twenties 20 to 25 and the second time during my late 20’s early 30’s.

The first time, I was a professional dancer constantly travelling, experiencing life, having the best time and literally gave zero fuck about having a partner. The second time was a little harder, because I actually wanted to experience life as a duo. Though I was still very busy building myself and a new career, often society including friends and family made me feel unaccomplished because I didn’t come as a +1.

During times like Valentines, where all there is… are heart shapes, roses lovey dovey  everywhere, here are some of the things you can do to remind yourself that you are worthy, beautiful and freaking fabulous. Single or not.

1- Grab your notebook and write down the best things you know about yourself. This is an opportunity to celebrate yourself. Write your achievements, things you are proud of and love about yourself. Your glorious, beautiful self! Celebrate yourself. You have love around you, you are a source of love and the right partner will step into your life when it is meant to AND if that’s what you want. Meanwhile it’s a solo party of self celebration! 

2- Gather your single friends, and throw “I’m single and fabulous” party Samantha and Co Style. Do you remember this episode in sex and the city?? The absolute best. Channel your inner Samantha

3- Show yourself some love. Whatever that means to you. This is my favourite one. When I was single.  Valentine was always an excuse for me to get a cheeky new ring (I’m obsessed with big fat silver rings). Perhaps for you, it’s doing something, travelling somewhere , just taking time to be…whatever it is, whatever feels like a REAL TREAT. DO IT and thoroughly enjoy it.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating Valentine’s day but remember this is just a commercial party. Valentines day doesn’t validate your status.

Being single doesn’t make you less of a success or a person. or anything else society might make you feel. YOU ARE PERFECTLY FINE.

Written by Welly


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