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Beginner’s Pilates Course


Let’s get you strong and lengthened

Hello friend, I guess you’re here because either 

    You have never done Pilates before but yearning to build core strength safely without causing further injuries 

    You suffer with back pain, tight hip flexors and would like to reduce the pain and improve the quality of your life

    You feel intimidated about joining a group class and would like to build some confidence before doing so.

 This Absolute Beginners course is designed for you to take things at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

The classes are thorough, slow, accessible and tailored to your beginner level.

What’s on the curriculum?

Welcome video

A welcome video, explaining how to use the course to make the most out of it


An introduction class to Pilates principles. Practice exercises on how to use them effectively during the following classes.

Pilates Class 1

Pilates Class 1-  A 25min class learning the fundamentals of Pilates and the basic exercises. Focus is on building the core safely. What to do, what to avoid

Pilates Class 2

Pilates Class 2- Progressing from Class one, we are adding new exercises and  modifications to increase the challenge.

Pilates Class 3

Pilates Class 3- Introducing brand new exercises challenging all parts of the body. Focus in on your core stability 

Pilates Class 4

Pilates Class 4- Final class. 30min Slightly faster paced than the previous class, this class recap all the exercises visited with some more challenging modifications. This class is the ultimate class and will get you ready to join group classes feeling confident and safe

Let’s lengthen and strengthen your body

Price 34£  19£ 

3 months access to the course from the date of purchase

Due to the nature of the content (digital) once purchased the course is NON REFUNDABLE

By the end of this course you will 


   You will experience an energised and more flexible body

You will feel stronger and aligned

You will improve your posture

You will feel lengthened with the sensation of feeling taller 

A little bit about me,


 My name is Isa-Welly and I’m an ex professional dancer who worked over ten years in London and around the world dancing with incredible artists such as Kylie Minogue,  Madonna, Snoop Dog, Chaka Khan, Take That, Robbie Williams and many more. 

Through my career my body needed support and that’s how I came across Pilates and totally fell in love with it. That was actually in 2007 and since then I haven’t looked back.

I am a movement lover and I am totally obsessed with strength, alignment and flexibility, qualities we will really be focusing on developing during this course.

Price 34£  19£

3 months access to the course from the date of purchase

Due to the nature of the content (i.e digital) once purchased the course is NON REFUNDABLE

Client’s Love

I did my first class with Welly about two years ago and have kept her under my radar since then! It was finally a different kind of Pilates than most mainstream ones: very energetic, incredibly cool and smooth, never boring with the always changing exercises and fine tunes that keep you going. I found myself stronger and leaner very fast, though I always end up every class with burning abs and shaking legs! I’ve recommended the class to many friends and it never disappoints. Oh… Did I mention Welly’s body?! Ultimate goal. 

Evelyna Leferink – Fashion Collection Manager

A devotee of Welly’s classes, I adore her rhythm and musicality.  Her online classes are uplifting and full of vibe, with *the* best tunes which is lucky because that keeps you in the zone when the pilates gets tough…and there’s no hiding when you get personal adjustments from Welly over video! I used to think pilates was tame but this most definitely is not and thanks to Welly I’m in the best shape I’ve been for years (even compared to my long distance running days) – strong and toned and with back gripes a thing of the past. 

Sophie Solomon (Violinist/Composer)

I adore Welly’s classes, I’m basically addicted. She paces them perfectly, takes the energy up precisely, plays the best music; she really understands the individual bodies and capacities of her students so is particularly good at pushing me a little further if she knows I’ve got it in me (even if I don’t), but also at getting me to dial it down, if I’m being ridiculous. I’ve walked into her class with some annoying lower back pain in the past, walked out feeling incredible and totally mobile. It’s like medicine.

She also has some of the best energy I’ve ever encountered. I never don’t enjoy her classes, I’ve never once had to make myself go; they feel like a treat. Through lockdown, her online sessions are keeping me sane, mobile and strong. Also, she’s a *major* contributor in my ab definition.

Polly Vernon

What will you be learning in this course?


  • How to avoid injuries in a group class setting
  • What causes more damage to your back?
  • The 3 common workout mistakes that cause more strain to the back, knees and neck area
  • How you build a strong core safely without straining your back
  • The Pilates principles and how they apply to your everyday life

Course includes 

Intro video– Pilates Principles and exercises to practice

4 classes planned over 3 weeks, to take your from” I don’t know what the hell I’m doing” to ” yep I feel confident and ready to join group classes”

Bonus Video:  5  things to avoid when you are in a group class setting

Price 34£ 19£

3 months access to the course from the date of purchase

Due to the nature of the content (digital) once purchased the course is NON REFUNDABLE

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