Cook your quinoa to perfection. Top tips
Quinoa is by far one of my favourite grains…. dare I say my love for quinoa have slightly surpassed my love for rice. Any african girl reading this, is thinking is she mad? ahahaha… we are well known to love rice and we eat a lot of it.

But I have to say when I discovered quinoa I thought it was a great, lighter and also healthier alternative, especially for salads and bowls.

What kind of properties does quinoa have and what makes it healthier than rice and other processed grains?

First of all Quinoa is a wholefood therefore has not gone through the process of being refined and stripped of it’s goodness like white rice. It also contains all the essential amino acids our body needs to thrive making it a great source of protein. It’s fibre content will promote healthy bowel movement and help improve your gut health.

Last but not least Quinoa vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, manganese, B2, contribute to our growth and maintenance of our health.

Now Quinoa , like couscous, rice and most grains is fairly straight forward when it comes to cooking it, but because quinoa grains are more delicate in a way, they can become soggy very quick.

Here are my tips for a fluffy and perfectly cooked quinoa

  • Soak your quinoa grains for at least 30min, ideally 6h. If you can’t soak, make sure you rinse them a few times.
  • Put the quinoa in your pan, and add enough water to cover the quinoa. But not too much, half an inch of water on top. Usually 1 cup of quinoa to 1cup of water is the ratio
  • Cover the pan with a lid-  The steam will cook the top of the quinoa as well and will make it nice and fluffy. So make sure you keep your pan covered
  • Cook on a low to med for 15min. The length will vary depending on how long you’ve soaked it. The longest you’ve soaked your grains, the faster they’ll cook
  • Once the top is cooked,  check the bottom and stir it. Your quinoa should be fluffy, light and not sticky. It may stick a little to the pan, which is fine but the grains shouldn’t be sticky themselves.

It takes a little practice to nail your best Quinoa, but once you got it, you’ll be super happy x

Enjoy xx

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