Coconut Granola
A jar of toasted coconut granola is exactly what you need in your pantry for those peckish moments. They are delicious in breakfast bowls, as smoothie toppings, with yoghurt or just on their own.

Easy to make, grain-free, easy to store and delicious…your new favourite


2 cups of coconut chips

1 cup of mixed seeds (sunflower, hemp)

1 cup of mixed broken nuts (almond, brazil, hazelnut…)

2 tbsp of dried cranberries raisins (optional)

1 tbsp of Cinnamon

2 tbsp of Chia Seeds


In a large pan , add ½ tsp of coconut oil and let it melt on low before adding the coconut chips. Toast them for a few minutes until they get brown ish. Take them off and let them cool on the side.

In the same pan , toast your nuts and seeds together for 5 to 7min, stirring every minute.

Once done, add them to the bowl of toasted coconut chips.

Add the cinnamon, the chia seeds and the dried berries. At this point you can also add any superfood powder you have if you want to boost nutrients up a notch. I like adding Baobab to mine, but Maca work well as well.

Stir it all up so the mix is even and store in a jar.

This will keep well in your pantry for up to 3 weeks

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    Gonna try,

    I’ll let chia seeds, raisins or berries and grated coconut soaking 5′ in water
    Meanwhile just toasting a bit the nuts and seeds with cinammon (no oil) and then adding the rehydrated coconut, seeds and berries.
    Maybe I’ll add some chocolate nips if it is end september or october. With green Sencha Japanese tea or with a nature long coffe of natural Jamaica..

    — Fresh and raw recent toasted nuts and seeds give a wonderful flavour and smell and the rehydrated berries can bring softness. Amazing how fast chia seeds reyidrate (keep on moving to avoid clots)
    — Baobab never heard. I thought it was a tree, like the one from Le Petit Prince. Maca know, never tried
    Thanks, it was inspiring


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