Celery Juice : Myth or Truth
Celery is one of these vegetables you either love or hate..or maybe never bother eating. I personally never really bothered with celery. I always looked at it as the hummus veg stick.

But recently there has been a lot of hype about the power of Celery Juice and how it can truly transform your health for the best.

This is mainly due to the medical medium which book I bought and read because I was curious about his philosophies and his spirituality. And I have learnt a lot from it. I will be trying a few things out and report them back to you.

The medical medium claims that Celery would be hailed superfood if we knew how much healing power it has. He states that Celery Juice has the power of fighting certain autoimmune disease and starve pathogens therefore bringing inflammation down. He also discusses the effect it can have on our emotions as well as our digestive system. It is a very interesting read, that I really recommend

Like everything else I wanted to try and see for myself.

While Celery Juice hasn’t yet changed my health in a dramatic way it has definitely helped with my morning bowel movements, which Ive struggled with since my Candida started. It has also improved my skin which also a great bonus!

I’ve only done the celery juice protocol for 14 days straight so I will continue and report back if some major life changes do occur 😉

Until then I’d say it’s definitely worth trying if you have digestive and gut issues. Unless you are allergic to Celery or a component in celery, you have nothing to loose by giving it a try.

You must have it on empty stomach, so morning upon rise is the ideal time. The taste can be a little funky at first but you do get used to it.

I love it now!

I usually make it in the morning as soon as I wake up and down it after my first glass of Water. I don’t even sip it, I just down it! I then wait 20/30min before having my breakfast.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes. I suggest you try for at least 10 consecutive days before drawing any conclusions.

Keep me posted x

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