Here is how to build a Strong Core and Get sexy ABS!


Build a strong core and get your 6 packs!

This week Pilates workout is focusing on building you a strong core. It’s intense, it’s fast (for a pilates workout) and it will challenge both your stamina and your deep abs!

I guarantee, if you do this often you will see the change IN YOUR BODY! You will feel stronger, and your confidence will grow as a result.

You can do it once to start but eventually you can repeat it 3 times in a row ! The best combo is to stretch and warm up for 7-8min , do this 3 times in a row and cool down for 7min! Thats the REAL DEAL!

If you have limited time, stretch for 5 and do it once! I usually do this routine at the end of my gym workout and I absolutely Love it! Though it’s pretty intense, it is still gentle enough and is totally low impact.

I’ve always liked working on my core, because strength comes from inside. I relate my core to both my gut and my intuition. And I RELY a hell of a lot on it! Feeling strong inside, makes me calm, serene and confident.

For me, Pilates was never about just getting toner or being fitter, it was a way of building that inner strength I can ALWAYS rely on.

While this video is a great workout, it isn’t appropriate if you are a beginner practitioner. This is a great sequence for those of you with 2/3 years of regular pilates practice.

As a beginner, if you haven’t mastered all pilates principles yet, you will injure yourself, and feel the strain in your back!

So please sit this one out if you are a beginner, or have a really bad back.

My next workout (in 2 weeks time) will be a full body workout for all levels.

Make sure you warm yourself up, before doing this core blast workout! If you are not sure of what to do, my morning stretch will be a perfect stretch before you go ahead!

Don’t put your body in total shock by doing this 1st thing in the morning.

Be kind to your body, stretch it out, warm it up and SMASH THIS POWER WORKOUT!

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Happy core workout my beauties


W x

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