Breaking down your goals

While January is usually the time of the year where everybody is eager to set intentions and give the year a clear direction….I always think it’s great to reassess them every two to three months to adjust them and see what progress has been made.

Reassessing goals, that you have not been able to follow through to see how you can make them less overwhelming to tackle.

For that you need to break them down and also check if they still actually matter to you. We change and evolve and it’s normal that our goals do as well.

Here is an example of breaking down goals, into tiny manageable and realistic chunks

Let’s say, you want to improve your sleep hygiene…

Step 1-Top Goal- Improve sleep hygiene

Step 2-Cut into tiny chunks: Going to bed 30 min earlier/Better sleep quality/

Step 3- Start with one. Going to bed earlier. List the things that you will need to work on or stop doing to get those 30 min back.

Step 4- Work on these things.

Step 5- Once you manage clearing that time, get your ass into the bed at the said time consistently for at least 4 weeks!

Step 6- Then Move on to another part of the sleep if you want to work more on it.

Step 6- Improve the quality of the sleep. Deeper better sleep

Step 7- What’s disturbing your sleep? Don’t know…. make a list…. phone out of the room? messy room?

Step 8—- so on…..

No steps are too small, to work on. Progress is progress, as small as they can seem at the time. Eventually it’s the addition of all those little steps and progress that make the big picture.

Written by Welly


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