Body Mind and Soul Reset

1-2-1 nutrition and wellbeing coaching program for successful creative women who want to eliminate fatigue and get their health back on track

Let’s reset and reconnect with your health so you can finally live a life of vitality with a career to match.

Yes! Waking up everyday feeling energised, excited, proud of your body inside and out isn’t just a dream just for health bloggers

It can be YOU!

Let me guess…

You’re exhausted, tired..and by that, I don’t mean tired from a week of work, I mean tired from EVERYTHING, LIFE in general.

Exhausted, drained, unmotivated. Nothing left.


You’ve tried sleeping earlier, eating better but things never stick and then life gets in the way.


You are constantly running after the time…and the bus


You feel overwhelmed by just about everything …hello work-life boundaries


You struggle with decision fatigue and standing up for your choices


Your digestive system is slow and out of whack


Your mood is low


Your sex drive has been stuck in park for way too long.

And as a result?

Your confidence has gone really low
And your sass and sharp clapbacks are no longer…

All you feel is MEH
And MEH is exhausting… you and I both know that life has MUCH more for you than MEH.

You know you don’t want to keep dragging yourself along.

It’s not sustainable.

It impacts your relationships, your work, your productivity, and your lust for life……

Been there…

I’ve walked in your shoes one too many times….

I was a professional dancer for over a decade literally running around the world with the likes of Kylie Minogue, Chaka Khan, Take That. But eventually, my whole being had enough

Deep exhaustion, gut issues (hello club sandwiches and haribo life!!!), hormonal imbalance, severe acne….constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown… and ZERO lust for life.

It was clearly time for a change.

Better nutritional habits, emotional wellbeing, healthy boundaries, building structure, standing still helped me rebuild myself back to energy, vitality, and joy.

Now I have the confidence to…

  • …reconnect with my deepest values
  • …invest in my wellbeing
  • … build the business and career of my dreams
  • …show up for myself day in day out

….AND I want you to experience the same things.

I’m Isa-Welly, a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Wellbeing Coach, forever optimistic who believes impossible is nothing, dreams of Joan Collins wardrobe in Dynasty, and collects big fat silver rings.

 “Body Mind Soul Reset” program is my roadmap to get you back on top, feeling alive, energised, and reconnected to yourself.

My personal experience of taking my health from falling apart to thriving, as well as successfully coaching dozens of women like yourself have helped me develop the RESET METHOD on which this program is based.

The RESET method takes your body, mind, soul and environment connection into consideration to give you tangible and LASTING results.

I see you as a whole being. I don’t just “treat” symptoms.

We identify and work on the root causes of your fatigue and other symptoms to bring both your body and mind back into blissful balance.

Burnout is a deep state of fatigue in which making decisions is hard, sticking to a routine seems near impossible, finding the time to nourish yourself sounds like a mountain to climb.

And it isn’t just “caused” by a lack of veggies in your diet or too many late-night emails or netflix sessions… 

It’s a contribution of different components that brings our body out of alignment both physically and energetically.


Body Mind Soul reset

A 12week  1-2-1 program

Body Mind Soul Reset is a REALISTIC, STEP BY STEP program that guides you to


Get rid of the stress, overwhelm, and constant fatigue


Get your physical and mental energy back ALLELUIYAAAAHHHH


Build an nutritional habits that you’ll enjoy and actually stick to


Get your metabolism rolling smoothly


Feel good in your day-to-day life instead of being dragged down by it all


Stop living life on autopilot and take intentional action towards the things you really want


Manage time and stress with zest and humour because…new boundaries


Reconnect w/ your values so you can feel EXCITED about your future

All with calm and ease.

Here’s how it works

These pillars are the cornerstone of this program:


A core pillar of our time together which will guide us to

    • Investigate suspected physiological imbalances via thorough initial consultation and possibly laboratory testing if necessary
    • Understand and improve your relationship with food
    • Co-create a Nutrition plan tailored to your needs and goals
    • Build a routine and structure to help you minimise kitchen chores and maximise joyful eating time.

With 3 full sessions covering nutrition over the 12-week program, we tackle recurrent symptoms to make sure we’re addressing deficiencies and building a balanced diet… one that suits your lifestyle and your tastebuds. The goal? Shift you from restriction to abundance and help you stay CONSISTENT. These Nutrition sessions are thorough and dive deeply into your medical history, eating habits, lifestyle to understand and support your whole being. 


Through our coaching sessions, we will work on building habits that turn into routines and become a structure your emotional and physical wellbeing can rely on.

From exercising, time and stress management, to quality sleep— we determine and build your feel-good habits.

It’s not about getting it perfectly but it’s about getting it right for who you are and what you need at this present moment.

Purpose and values

Living in misalignment with our purpose and values ultimately causes lack of joy, confusion and a deep feeling of unfulfillment that with time becomes emotionally draining.

Finding your purpose, knowing your values and designing? Your health and wellness vision will be the catalyst in bringing real transformation and helping you stay on track with your journey even when you’re tempted to give up. 

How important is your health to you? What place does it occupy in your life? In your future? In your wildest dreams and goals? 

With this pillar, expect to practice some eye-opening coaching exercises that will provide deep insight into your heart and make you take action towards your a life of energy, vitality, abundance, and joy.


Last but certainly not least setting boundaries. While it can be a daunting thought (you are a passionate, driven person who wants to step up for everyone, after all) establishing healthy boundaries is paramount to calm, sanity, and good health.

Because by consistently putting yourself last, you’ll find yourself depleted and ultimately unable to give anything to anyone, let alone to yourself. 

Together, we’ll help you establish healthy boundaries without the burnout, the drama, and with plenty of compassion.

I’ve designed this program and these pillars with great intention to guide and encourage you throughout your journey so you can emerge nourished, energised and inspired.

Francesca B.

“Isa-Welly came into my life at a point where I knew I needed to make changes, but I didn’t even fully know what those changes were or how to begin. Mentally I was completely overwhelmed, physically I felt estranged from my body and was constantly moving from one health plan to another in an endless pursuit of finding what worked to make me feel good. I needed to focus, and I needed support, so I decided to work with Welly.
Before this program I felt so lost and now I feel motivated and empowered. Welly has given me the tools to help me move things forward in my life. She has helped me reconnect to my body and learn how to nourish myself and feel good, inside and out. Above all she has helped me connect with what I want and helped me move towards those goals.”

And to make sure you have everything you need to take action and step into your power

you’ll also get access to special bonuses…

Bonus #1

3-month access to Dynamic Pilates workout series 1, 2, and 3 plus Level 1 Pilates

Value: 200£

Bonus #2

3-month access to Reset Reconnect Thrive nutrition program including nutrition classes, meal plans, and over 50 delicious and easy to make recipes

Value: 597£

Bonus #3

Pay in full and get 12-month access to the entire “Isa-Welly Digital Store” of Nutrition and pilates courses.

Value: 1000£

(Available for payments made in full only)

You want way more than you’re experiencing now

You want to…


Build healthy and realistic habits you can stick to


Feel confident that you are making the right choices and building strong health


Regain physical and mental energy so you can hop off the bed excited about the day, excited about your life


Feel proud of your body, inside and out proud that you are investing in yourself, in your wellbeing


Gain clarity to reconnect with what truly matters to you so you can take some real leaps forward in life


Have the confidence to build some healthy boundaries with your loved ones and with your work so you can reclaim some time and ….sanity


Feel energised, alive, lighter in mind.. have your SEX drive back!!!


And maybe there’s a little piece of you that even wants the courage to start the blog, write the book, explore the new business idea…

ALL OF THESE THINGS must be pursued. And I want you to GO FOR IT.

Here’s what’s included for 12 weeks:

(aka what the heck we’re actually going to do together)

All sessions happen via ZOOM or any other digital medium where I can see your beautiful face:-)


Onboarding health and wellbeing questionnaire

A questionnaire to help me understand your current nutrition habits and what you want to achieve so we can dive right in, at our first session


2 nutrition sessions of 60min each

These sessions will happen on weeks 5 and 9 of the program. We review your progress so far, we cement the new habits you’re building, we work on new challenges that have come up and adjust accordingly.


9 coaching sessions of 60min each

In these sessions, we dive deep into decluttering your environment. I help you set healthy boundaries, build strong routines and habits that will help you eliminate overwhelm. We also work on your purpose and key values so you can reconnect with them and start taking REAL action towards your goals. These sessions are active and action orientated.


3 months access to Isa-Welly Dynamic Pilates workout series value at 200£

My most popular workout series is to build strength, power, and stamina.


Email access to me throughout the 12 weeks.


Initial nutrition session of 90min

In this first Nutrition session we go over your health and medical history, your current habits, and challenges. We then build together a tailored Nutrition plan to address deficiencies, symptoms and establish healthier habits.


A nutrition and lifestyle plan and protocol tailored to you

We co-create at our first nutrition session and improve over the space of the 12 weeks so by the end of the program you have a clear understanding of what truly works for you. This will be a written plan including recipes you can come back to over and over.


3 months access to Reset Reconnect and Thrive Nutrition Program value at 597£

Access to this program will give you 50+ everyday recipes focusing on gut health, liver health, and energy. It also includes short educational nutrition classes.


Weekly accountability check-in via Voxer

As well as our weekly zoom session I will check in with you once a week via voxer for accountability and updates. (voxer is a walkie talkie app in case you don’t know)

Investment £3300

or 3 payments of £1100

Book a 20 min discovery call to see if we feel each other’s vibes 🙂
To guide our conversation, click the button below and fill out a short questionnaire before our call so I can get a better understanding of your headspace and intention.

The End Result?


A strong and powerful body and the tools necessary to sustain it long-term.


A strong foundation of wellness habits to support a body, mind, and soul alignment so you can live your life with clarity, focus, and a renewed commitment to yourself.


A deeper understanding of how nutrition works with your physical body and what it needs to perform optimally. Even if you don’t know the basics yet.


A well of energy and an increased appetite for life so you can start the business, negotiate that pay raise, write that novel, run that marathon, anything!


True awareness of your emotional wellness so that you can identify triggering moments before they arise…and finally start being proactive instead of reactive.


Improved boundaries so that you can give your energy efficiently and with intention. #ByeOverwhelm

Marissa W.

I am so grateful to Welly for the amazing coaching she gave me. I knew I wanted to make some changes with my lifestyle and nutrition and have always struggled with how to eat healthily. I felt like there were so many different opinions and views online about what’s healthy and what isn’t, I was forever confused about what changes I should be trying or doing to have longer term success with my weight, nutrition habits, and finding a way to workout that is sustainable for me long term. I didn’t want a quick fix or crazy diet, but more wanted to learn more about food and what’s good for me to make long term changes more sustainable and easier because I would understand them.
We spoke a lot about my beliefs around what I wanted to look and feel like rather than what I thought I should look and feel like, which made a huge difference to me as well. I carried many beliefs with me since my childhood that I haven’t really spoken about or healed until I went through Welly’s coaching program.
My biggest wins have been:

  • Feeling more motivated, energetic, healthy, and lighter in my body every day.
  • Respecting my body and loving myself enough to heal my beliefs around my body, health, and weight.
  • Starting off pregnancy in an amazing place with my fitness and exercise.

      But hold on…Is this actually for you?

      This program is for you if    


      You feel physically and mentally drained


      You are ready to ditch the poor nutritional habits and get a healthy and chilled relationship with food


      You know you need a full body and mind reset but are unsure of how to do it


      You are open to shaking your mindset and beliefs and trying new approaches


      You have health, life, career goals but need the mental support to get things started and going


      You are ready for a journey of self-development and growth.

      This program is not for you


      You want a quick fix nutrition program


      You don’t believe in personal growth of any sorts


      You can’t be bothered to roll your sleeves and do the work


      You hate reflecting on your health, your life, journaling, and asking yourself the tough questions


      You need convincing that you, your health, and well-being are worth your time and energy


      You are not willing on ditching old habits and try new things

      Got Questions?

      The best students do 🙂

      Woow this is big financial investment for me...I’m scared

      I’ve been there myself when I first made big financial investments in my health and wellbeing or my business. Was I shitting my pants? Absolutely.

      The question I ask myself before making a financial commitment is t: What would it cost me to stay where I am right now? What would it cost me emotionally, physically, health-wise, financially if things don’t change?

      Only you can answer this. And whatever you decide it’s gotta feel right in your heart.

      On top of my job and everything else, I can’t commit to a ton of extra work. What kind of time commitment are we talking about here?

      I get it. And that’s why I’ve designed this for even the most time-strapped busy woman. The last thing I want is to add to your to-do list. Our weekly session lasts 1h and most weeks you will have some homework to do that will take about 1h too.

      Now let’s be real here, I don’t know you…yet…but if you are here reading this, that means this program speaks to you. You are ready for the change. Change takes time and energy. The key actions may not, but the process does.

      A full health reset also means creating time and space for yourself to experience the change. One of the things we work on during the program is time management so you can create space for your wellbeing. So you gotta be open to shuffle things around and try new ways of doing them.

      Can you guarantee I will feel better after our time together?

      No, I can’t guarantee you that because I don’t know if you will give it your all and really invest yourself in it. Also, I haven’t spoken to you yet 😉

      Hit me up.
      But I can confidently say that the women that have gone through this exact program have had incredible results.

      Are you qualified? Do you actually have a degree?

      Oh hell yes!

      I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist from The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London.
      I also hold a Health and Wellness coaching certification from the Institute of Health and Science where I had the honour of training with the one and only Michael Arloski.

      Not that it’s relevant but while I’m here bragging…. I also have a BA (Hons) in International Business and Marketing. That was pre-dance life, pre-pre coaching life 😉
      Oh, and of course I’m a STOTT certified Pilates teacher.

      My most used training is the LIFE one though. Don’t know if I’ve graduated yet but really you can’t beat what life experience teaches you. From growing up in Togo, moving to Paris to study, then to London to become a pro dancer, traveling the world, then retraining as a Nutritional Therapist…No degree could ever teach me the LIFE lessons I’ve learnt along this crazy ride so far. And this is entirely part of what I bring to the table when we work together.

      I’ve never been a dancer or athlete like you. I don’t have super healthy habits, routine or any of that. I’m a starter. I feel a bit intimidated. Is this for me?
      Of course, this is for you. I mean I know a thing or two about feeling intimidated.
      My first day at my Nutrition college years ago when I had no clue and was in a room full of people already really averse in that world, knowing all the things. I felt so irrelevant!!
      Trust me I tried to talk myself out of that training. But I’m glad I didn’t because here I am.

      I’ve worked with many women on this exact program that did not eat, or were not super fit and were so intimidated by the process and possibly by my overly eager, excited self.
      But the minute they let go of the belief that health had to look a certain way and that it wasn’t accessible to them, they were so much more at ease.

      And I’d love to have the opportunity to chat with you and show you just how approachable and supportive my program is.

      Will there be any testing when it comes to nutrition?
      Possibly, depending on symptoms you have and their severity. It’s something we can chat about in the pre-consultation call and factor in the costs in advance. So you have a clear idea of the overall cost before making a decision.
      Will I need any supplements?
      Same as for the testing, this depends on your symptoms. My general rule of thumbs is getting nutrients through foods first. But if you need the support, or perhaps have absorption challenges then I will recommend supplements. I always try my best to fit them into your budget, which we discuss ahead of time.
      Do you offer a payment plan?
      Yes I do offer a monthly payment plan. 1100£ per month for 3 months.
      I’m not sure this is for me.

      If you’re looking for a quick fix program, but don’t want to have a holistic approach, change your habits then this isn’t for you.

      BUT if you’re tired of feeling tired, unmotivated, overwhelmed, and ready for a full health reset, a shake, a change then let’s have a chat.

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