you want to

  Strengthen, tone and energise your body

  Increase your core strength so you can sit, move and exercise with more ease

  Experience a body free of aches and pain

  Swim, run, play with your kids or dog without worrying you might hurt your back

  Hold a plank for more than 30 secs without feeling like you’re dying inside

  Get back on track with a fitness routine that feels good in mind and body

  Build a strong lasting habit of daily movement

  Age in a body you feel confident in and proud of 

But you aren’t there quite yet….


  You lack overall flexibility and sometimes experience aches and pain

  Your core strength is pretty much non-existent

  You lack motivation and energy to move your body daily

  You aren’t consistent in your fitness journey and often jump off the bandwagon

  You ABSOLUTELY LOVE pilates but haven’t quite got the hang on the technique yet

  You want a form of exercise that is low impact yet nourishing and strengthening to your body

  You want to exercise in an effective way without causing further stress or injuries to your body

While you do want to get a STRONG body you can rely on now and for the years to come…

Realistically you DO NOT have 1h a day to head to the gym, nor do you have the patience and knowledge to create your own program with “free youtube videos”.

You need a done-for-you program easy to incorporate into your busy life.

Recent times have taught you that your body is your most precious asset…

And NOW you’re ready to make your health and wellness the top priority in your life

    Introducing The Beginner’s Pilates Transformation Program

    A 6 week Pilates program to take you from feeling blah to feeling strong, powerful and confident in your body’s abilities.

    This Pilates program will tone and strengthen your body

    You will

    • Feel so so much stronger and not just in your core, in your whole freaking body
    • Be able to hold a plank for a full minute without your internal body going into flames
    • Pick up your travel luggage with ease…because hello strong core and improved posture
    • Go through a group pilates class feeling confident AF that you can rock the class
    • Wake up WITHOUT those random pain and aches
    • Walk like a queen/king because you feel so much taller
    • Feel more connected to your body and aware of its needs
    • Have the energy to handle life’s demands plus side hustles
    • Build discipline in your health and fitness routine
    • Feel proud of yourself for investing time in YOU
    • Be best friends with your body 🙂

    Expect to feel RENEWED at the end of this 6 weeks program.

    You will learn to

    • Understand and apply the key principles of Pilates for power, strength and flexibility
    • Strengthen your core in a safe and effective way
    • Build power in your whole body using classic Pilates modifications
    • Work with dumbbells and Pilates ball to take your skills to the next level
    • Modify exercises and adapt them to your body type and level
    • Increase body-mind connection

    I genuinely think that this Beginner’s Pilates program will have a transformative impact on my life. Previously when I’ve tried to exercise or look after my body, either with a class or independently, I’ve struggled to stay motivated or feel much benefit. Isa-Welly’s classes have made so much difference! I was nervous at first to spend what feels like a lot of money on classes I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy but I’m so, so glad I did. Throughout the course I felt motivated, encouraged and supported. I have always struggled with back and shoulder pain and Isa-Welly’s emphasis on adjustment and safety is so valuable and affirming. Seeing the small but significant gains from one round of the course has been incredible, and having life-time access to the course is such amazing value for money. I can’t wait to keep doing the classes and see further progress. I’m so grateful to Isa-Welly for showing me that I can look after my body and enjoy it

    Nia Neb

    “I’m loving the gradual progression of the course.  Before taking this, I attempted to work through some of the YouTube videos on my own, but I have been far more successful at building up my strength and technique through the course itself.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting more structure and motivation.”

    Jenn Donley

    What’s on the Curriculum

    Week 1 – The foundation

    In these classes you will learn the key exercises and principles of Pilates that will serve you on the mat but also in your everyday life.

    Posture, placement, breathing, building core strength in a safe way.

    By the end of week 1, you will start to “feel” your core changing in a good way 🙂

    Week 2 – Core and flexibility

    Week 2  focuses on Core and spinal flexibility. We cement week 1’ learnings and challenge the core with some new modifications. We also introduce some power glutes exercises and some hip release movements. 

    Spinal flexibility is the SINGLE most important thing for us to keep our body youthful so we will be exploring it throughout most classes of the program.

    Week 3 – Strength – weights

    We are bringing the weights in to work on strength and resistance. Why weights?

    Because it is key for our bone health and density (which we lose with age) but also it increases strength and power in the whole body.

    This week we will also be doing some Standing Pilates and Barre exercises to challenge and increase our balance and improve our posture. 

    Strong glutes = less back pain+looser hips flexors = less pain after sitting or walking for hours 😉

    Week 4 – Core Stability – Ball and Weights

    Oh yes to the ball! You are going to love working on your core and body strength with the ball. It brings it fun, challenge and STABILITY. 

    In some of the classes we will combine both the pilates ball and the weights to take things to the next level. But don’t worry, you will be ready for it 🙂

    Week 5 and 6 – Consolidate your knowledge, build some power and stamina

    By now (after 28 days of 20min Pilates a day) you have learnt a lot, you feel stronger, you feel taller, but…..we are not done yet. 

    This is where we take things to the next level by building power and stamina.

    And there’s even more…

    4 classes of 30min will be added to week 5 and 6 to summarise your learnings, and help you through the finish line 🙂

      Price £159 ($199) 



    Risk-free guaranteed: full refund available within ONE WEEK of purchase 

    I absolutely loved the Beginner’s Transformation Program. The course is very well structured with continual challenges and progression that is realistic and achievable. By the end of the 6 weeks I have built up a regular morning routine which helps me feel more alert, energetic and positive. I have built up more core strength than I expected and my arms and legs are stronger too. I have also noticed old injuries improving and they are no longer bothering me like they used too. Isa-Welly’s teaching is great – motivating, encouraging, helping with modifications until you no longer need them. I have just started the programme again and I am so pleased with my progress – I can now do exercises that I struggled to do in the beginning and needed to modify. I would highly recommend this program.

    Catherine L.

    “Omg. Committing to practice in the morning wasn’t always easy but I felt awake/alert, limber, and ready to take on the day, afterwards. I noticed that consistent practice has helped my posture (my mother would be so proud lol), aid digestion, and tone my body; especially my arms & shoulders! Even when I frequented the gym, I could not get my arms to look this sculpted and delicious. *hello, Michele Obama, I see you*. It has also been a HUGE stress/anxiety reliever for me. It was easy to commit to 2x a day, most days, as I started to notice the positive effects on my body. The videos are short, easy to follow and Isa’s personality shines through. She is sweet, knowledgeable, and humorous. I recommend this program.”

    Sumayyah D

    Price £159 ($199) 



    Risk-free guaranteed: full refund available within ONE WEEK of purchase 

    Success stories from Beginner’s Transformation STUDENTS

    Sol. J

    “I started this program with the goal of reducing my lower back pain/tight hip pain, (I’m 30 and I wasn’t able to walk up stairs or sit for very long 🤦🏽‍♀️).  I was very discouraged. So,when I did the first few classes I couldn’t help but cry… I realized my pain was more than just Physical. I followed the program and my back pain disappeared in the first two weeks!… I kept going because I felt better and better every day… I was now doing it for my emotional health! 😃  Isa’s Pilates Transformation empowered me to continue! I’m emotionally more stable. I found the strength and the desire to build a workout routine at the GYM and i even entered a Volleyball team!!!🏐.  I can’t thank her enough! 🙏🏽 Please gift yourself this program and become a healthier you… from the inside out🤍 

    Luna. D

    Yes. The 6 week programme is great, it builds slowly but the time passes quickly and working out with Welly each day is a joy!  I will be repeating the programme straight away as otherwise the mornings will not be the same!!  Such a positive outlook on life really does encourage you to keep going and show up on the mat daily!  This course has improved my core strength and also given me some confidence that I can be consistent and do actually have some Willpower!  Highly recommend it!

    I purchased this programme after having done the beginner challenge through Isa Welly’s instagram page. I wanted to increase my workout, get a stronger core, build strength and flexibility and I found the 20-30 minutes classes a day the best way to incorporate exercise throughout my day. I really enjoyed the programme, the classes are great, short but are enough to challenge you and get you motivated, they are also very well guided throughout by Isa Welly as she explained how to get into the pose. I would definitely recommend this programme as it helped me build more strength and flexibility and I’m proud to say that I am now able to hold a plank more easily than I ever thought I would. The best thing about this programme is that we can repeat as many times as we want and I will for sure do it all over again very soon”

    Stephanie D.

    Meet Your Teacher

    In 2007, while on tour with the british band Take That as one of their backing dancers, the tour manager advised I took up Pilates to prevent reccurrent injuries.

    Though at first skeptical, I quickly became addicted to it’s magical healing benefits and saw my body transformed before my eyes.

    Pilates is one of the most powerful physical practices to strengthen and rehabilitate the body and I have myself experience it many times over.

    My name is Isa-Welly and as well as teaching pilates, I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Wellness coach.

    This program combines everything you need to become the stronger version of yourself, with more flexibility, and confidence in yourself and your body’s abilities.

    You CANNOT find THIS online

    • 14 classes designed in a specific order for REAL RESULTS
    • Daily accountability and support from a highly experienced teacher
    • Community access to share your wins and struggles
    • Lifetime access to the course so you can revisit it over and over

    20 minutes a day is all you need


      Your daily investment will be 20min on weekdays and a 30 min on Saturdays

       That time investment can be doubled if you want to go for gold and CREATE the space to repeat the class morning and evening.

        During week 5 and 6 we’re committing to the more advanced 30 minute classes 5 days a week with 2 days off to rest and allow the body to integrate it all.

    You will be supported throughout

        During the live launch (January/September) you will have access to a private facebook or slack group (if you wish) with all students, where we can exchange on progress and motivate each other. 

        I will be in the group daily for 6 weeks to answer your questions, give some tips and gently kick your ass into gear 🙂

      And more importantly….I will make the experience EXCITING and ENJOYABLE

    “Isa Welly is a terrific teacher.  I discovered her via Sweaty Betty’s exercise videos in lockdown which led me to her YouTube channel.  So when her Beginners’ Pilates Transformation course became available I jumped at it. Welly is lively, energetic, great fun and her instructions are absolutely clear and foolproof.  She explains each move in technical terms so you understand exactly how to align your body both to protect your spine and lower back and to improve your body strength and posture.  The classes. are incremental, ensuring you make the best progress.  And the course is designed to encourage you to exercise daily, doing each class once – twice if you have the time.
    Welly has also created a FaceBook community to accompany the course which is a huge plus.  You feel you’re really part of Welly’s Pilates community.
    Having completed the 6 week course, I feel so much stronger, my muscles are super toned and my posture has totally improved.  I feel better in myself, invigorated, more at ease with myself.
    Do it – you won’t regret it!!”

    Sian R.

    Price 159£ ($199)



    Risk-free guaranteed: full refund available within ONE WEEK of purchase 

    Frequently asked questions

    I’ve done your short Beginner’s Pilates course, is this the same?

    No, this beginner’s course is a way more in depth course, with 12 classes instead of 4.  This course also gives you access to myself daily and a supportive/fun/ community of other Pilates beginners.

    I have never done Pilates in my life but keen on trying, will I be able to follow?

    Absolutely. I have designed it for students with zero to little experience in Pilates to be able to follow along.

    I have done some of your more advanced Pilates courses, but this sounds fun? Will I get bored?

    You may during week 1 and possibly 2 but realistically you can modify the exercises to your level. The program will help you revisit pilates fundamental but as an advanced student it won’t challenge you.

    Do I need props for this programme?

    Yes you need small weights and a small pilates ball. I will show them to you once we are in the course. They are very easy to find online and worldwide. Here is the Pilates Ball and the small weights (dumbells)

    Will I be able to reach out to you with questions after the first 6 weeks?

    I will be available to you daily during the 6weeks of the programme for all questions. After that time I won’t be able to answer individual questions on form and exercises.

    Will the community be open for access all year round?

    The community will ONLY be accessible for 8 weeks from the start date of the course. This will give you two extra weeks for anyone starting the course later. But the course will be accessible to you for a whole year.

    I don’t live in the UK. Can I still follow this course?

    Yes this course is an online course. All classes will be released weekly on Sunday and you will be able to do them whenever it suits you.

    Can I be refunded if the classes don’t work for me?

    You will get a full refund within your first week of purchase. After that, NO REFUND  will be possible.

    Refund request for 20th January start to be made before January 26th 10am GMT

    Are the classes hosted on youtube or vimeo?

    Neither, the classes are hosted on an elearning platform.

    How long do I have access to this for?

    You have lifetime access.

    I’m not on Facebook, do I need it to do this program?

    No you don’t need to be part of the Facebook group. It is totally optional. I’ve created it for group support and for you to meet the rest of the community. You can also ask me questions directly on the learning platform. I will answer them daily.

    Price 159£



    Risk-free guaranteed: full refund available within ONE WEEK of purchase 

    Success stories from Beginner’s Transformation STUDENTS

    Karla R.

    “When I do any of Welly’s programs, and especially this one, my day gets brightened up by her positive energy. After just one week of doing the beginners program, I already noticed a change in my flexibility and posture which meant less to no lower back pain. I tried a lot of work out regimes before I finally found the beautiful Isa Welly and, somehow, her programmes are the only ones that „stuck“ and that I still do. I am honestly not a morning person, but if getting up half an hour earlier in the morning means that I get to do one of her classes, then that is what I will do. She actually makes me excited about working out! 

    Exercises in this program can be seen as a quick break from the busy and hectic schedule and as time used up for loving and nourishing your body and soul, and that is something I think we can all use.”

    “Welly’s Beginners Pilates Transformation course was fun, well explained, challenging but doable and with guaranteed results! I am not one to stick to things usually but given Welly’s encouraging and engaging nature and how quickly you start to feel progress, I quickly found this to be an essential part of my day and always felt a sense of achievement after each class. I would recommend this to anyone curious about Pilates, who wants to learn in a fun environment and a guarantee to feel much stronger than when you started. I’m so glad to have access to this for life and will definitely be repeating this in future. Thank you!

    Colette B.

    Josephine O.

    I thankfully found Isa Welly on YouTube earlier this year when I was in despair due to my lower back pain. My GP and physio couldn’t find any cause nor adequate solutions and recommended exercises that just weren’t helping.I was waking and going to bed in agony and was adamant that this couldn’t be what my life would now look and feel like. I tried pilates gym classes but found them too generic and impersonal. Isa somehow is able to connect on a very personal, empathetic and down to earth, level despite the classes being virtual. Her approach is warm, fun, engaging and encouraging – she really makes me feel like I can do it! The improvement to my lower back pain is incredible! I no longer have to take painkillers to get through my day. I will continue  to incorporate this into my daily routine – I need it and feel like I’ve accomplished so much afterwards! ! My dream is that by committing to showing up for myself by continuing Isa’s programmes, that I will continue to build strength and hopefully one day, I might be back pain free! Thank you so very much, Isa!! Roll on LEVEL 1 – eek!!!

    I’m a little sad. It was my last class today! I am so thankful for the course. I really really enjoyed it! I was surprised how much stronger I felt in week 5 and 6 while doing  the Sunday classes. I feel so much stronger now and I feel good in my body and mind. So thank you Isa-Welly Locoh-Donou ! In the evening I put everything ready for in the morning so I can dive right into it. I never had that feeling before! 

    Sarah D.

    Victoria N.

    “This program was my first true commitment to Pilates and I didn’t really know what to expect when I first signed up. I am so, so incredibly glad I did and that I serendipitously found Welly and chose her program! After years of HIIT bootcamps as my main type of exercise, this pilates transformation program has taught me the beauty of slowing down, breathing, stretching, and feeling what it’s like to be present in my body. The attention to core strength and alignment has majorly improved my posture and also is a source of calm and grounding every day. I can truly say this program has changed my life and the future of how I view fitness and honor my body daily!”

    Stephen T.

    “I really enjoyed the Beginners Pilates course. My core definitely feels stronger and I could see progression throughout. Now able to to roll up to seating without stretching my arms out in front, and my planking has really improved. Isa Welly’s teaching style is enthusiastic and encouraging – you feel part of a class even though the course is remote. She is always on hand in the Facebook group and that makes a big difference.

    “I have been a sporadic exerciser. I know what I’m doing, but I always allow life to get in the way. This program was motivating and easy to follow. Isa makes sure to tell you how to modify exercises if needed. Those check-ins really helped keep my spine aligned. One goal was to get a stronger core to minimize lower back pain, and this program truly helped.”

    Linda N.

    Tanase J.

    “I have really enjoyed This course.  After having a back injury for over a year. I have found this course has actually really improved my core strength and reduced my pain. Each lesson was clear and perfect for someone who is just starting out, yet challenging enough for you to feel improvement. Im feel great, strong and fit! Thanks Isa!