FREE beginner's pilates challenge

Monday Sept 4th - Wed Sept 13th

Build consistency in your fitness journey so you can get stronger, healthier and happier!

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Here's what you'll get

A daily pilates class of 20 min directly to your inbox. 

All classes are beginners level and designed to help you build core strength

A private slack group for support and motivation from Isa-Welly and community


This FREE challenge will energise your body and mind, and give you the consistency and motivation to kickstart your fitness journey


The 5 day challenge will help you build a stronger core and body, improve your posture, eliminate aches and pain...and feel freaking FANTASTIC!

Here's what others are saying about the Challenge...

I'm Isa-Welly,

that pilates teacher that actually makes you fall in love with moving your body 

One thing I know for sure is that movement has a power beyond its physical aspect. Movement can make you feel calmer, more energised, it can give you the confidence to go ask for that pay rise, or strut down the street in your favourite jeans. But more importantly it can heal your mind, pull you out of the dark and increase your joy. 

Movement can make you feel good. Good in body, mind and spirit.

And I know that because I've been practicing and teaching dance then pilates for over 20 years!

With a community of over 120.000 students, I've seen my dynamic, soul-lifting pilates classes lift up and transform many spirits!

And I want you to experience the same thing!

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Let's get you back on the mat my friend!
FREE Beginners Pilates Challenge
Monday Sept 4th - Sept 13th

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